Homemaking & DIY's

DIY's and Gift Ideas ~ Make Your Own:

Lemon Infused Tea Blend
"Liquid Morphine" Essential Oil Blend
Make Your Own Gifts ~ A Lovely List
Marshmallows ~ Homemade with Gift Kit
Mason Jar Cup ~ Easiest, Frugal-est Method
Moth-Repellant Sachets
Mulling Spices
Mulling Spice Room Spray
Mulling Spice Sugar Scrub
Multivitamin Tincture
Muscle Strain Medicinal Massage Oil
Oatmeal Muffin Mix-in-a-Jar
Oilcloth Coasters
Orange Bath Powders
Orange Extract
Orange Peel Potpourri
Orange Peel Teas
Orange Sugar Scrub
Paper Towels
Peppermint "Pick Me Up" Tincture
Peter Rabbit's Gift Tags ~ Free Printable
Peter Rabbit's Room Spray ~ Bedtime Blend ~ For the Nursery
Peter Rabbit's Seed Packets ~ Free Printable
Pie Crust Mix-in-a-Jar
Pooh's Medicinal Honey
Potholder Makeover
Pumpkin Seed Packets ~ Printable Harvest Gifts
Raggedy Ann and Andy Bookmarks ~ Free Printable
Raggedy Ann Nursery Room Spray
Recipe Cards
Rose Hip Recipe DIY Collection
Rose Hip Syrup ~ Vitamin C-Rich
Savory Herb Butter Dinner "Roll" Muffins ~ Mix-in-a-Jar
Seasoning Mixes ~ Make Your Own with Printable Recipe Kit
Shabby Cottage Tea Napkins
Sleepy-Time Tincture

Food Preservation:

See Section on Canning, Drying, Freezing, Fermenting
See Our A-Z Homemaking Index ~ Prepare Your Own Pantry/Products

Healthy Home/Make Your Own Medicine:

Apothecary Herb Labels ~ Free Printable
Bath and Body Products
Bone Broth ~ Some Stock Talk, Tips and Tutorials
Bug Spray
Create Your Own Home Pharmacy
Essential Oil Recipes
Healthy Home Hints
Make Your Own Medicine
Medicine Making Supplies
Natural Cleaning Products ~ Printable Recipes
Smoothie Station ~ Make Your Own 
War Against Mosquitoes

Home Organization/Decoration:

Antique Citrus Art {Pottery Barn Look-Alikes} ~ Free Printable Set 
Apothecary Jars ~ Make Your Own
Baking Basics Jar Set ~ Free Printable
Baking Pantry ~ Inspiration
Baking Sheet Bliss ~ Organizing Your Bakeware
Beautiful Books
"Cottage Rose" Pantry Labels ~ Free Printable
Easy Way to Label Glass in the Refrigerator and Pantry
"Good Steward" Record Binder ~ Free Printable
Home Management Binder ~ Free Printable
Housecleaning Inspiration 
Inspirational Recipe Book ~ Free Printable
Laundry Room Art {7 Different Sets} ~ Free Printable
Laundry Room Tour ~ Free Printable Laundry Labels
Lavender Water
Let's Clean and Organize Under the Kitchen Sink
Monthly Shopping Lists ~ Free Printable
Monthly To-Do Lists ~ Free Printable
"Odds & Ends" ~ Monthly Home Maintenance Series
Organizing the "Linen Closet"
Organizing Utensils, Silverware and Such
Organizing Your Home with Clip Art
Organize Your Pantry ~ Free Printable Labels
Pantry Labels for Nuts & Seeds ~ Free Printable
Pantry Labels for Seasonings, Spices & Such ~ Free Printable
Proverbs 31 Preparedness Series
Potholder Makeovers
Preparing Your Own Pantry ~ Pantry Series
Prudent Pantry Ideas
Reinventing the "Herbal" for the Modern Day Homemaker
Smoothie Station ~ Make Your Own
Storing Seasonal Items
Storing Student School Work
Storing Your Curriculum
"Study to Shew Thyself" ~ Free Inspirational {School Room} Art Printable
"Ways of Her Household" ~ A Modern Day Herbal ~ Free Printable
Weekly To-Do Lists and Practical Tips ~ Free Printable
"Winter Blues" in the Laundry Room


Carpet Deodorizer ~ Making Lavender/Herb Scented
Citrus Infused Cleaning Products
Clean on Friday ~ A "Little House" Cleaning Inspiration
Cleanser ~ Create Your Own Chemical Free Cleaner
Control Your Clutter ~ Housecleaning Inspiration
Delighting in Dirty Dishes
Dusting Spray DIY
Furniture Polish
"Get Well Soon" Spray ~ Disinfectant Cleaner
Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaning Spray
Homemaking Helps for the Homeschooling Mother
Housecleaning Inspiration
Housecleaning Recipes ~ Free Printable
Housecleaning Schedule Lists with Binder Printable
Labels for Homemade Cleaners ~ Free Printable
Lavender Cleaning Products
Lavender Infused Cleaning Products ~ Make Your Own
Lemons for Household Cleaning
Let's Clean and Organize Under the Kitchen Sink
Moth-Repellant Sachets
"Odds & Ends" ~ Monthly Home Maintenance Series
Orange All Purpose Cleaner
Orange Scouring Scrub (Household Cleaning Cleanser)
Raggedy Ann Room Spray ~ Clean & Sweet ~ For the Nursery
Spring Cleaning Inspiration/Preparation
Spring Cleaning with Children ~ Lessons in Home Education
"The Way You Keep Your House" ~ Housecleaning Inspiration
Vacuuming with Aromatherapy
Your Interior Decoration… Today ~ Housecleaning Inspiration
Visit here to see the recipes our readers shared.

Pantry Series:

See Series on Preparing Your Own Pantry

Printable Projects:

See Section on Pretty and Practical Printables

Proverbial Homemaker Series:


Visit the Recipe Box Here

Sewing Box:

Burp Cloths for Baby
Clothespin Apron
Easy Embellishing with Embroidery
Moth-Repellant Sachets
Oilcloth Coasters
Paper Towels
Potholder Makeovers
Shabby Cottage Tea Napkins
Simplest Ever Sewing Projects Which Can Be Made in a Day

Seasons at Home:

What to Make and Do with Lemons
What to Make and Do with Oranges

Wash Day:

Citrus Garden Fabric Softener ~ All Natural DIY
Clothespin Apron ~ Simple Sewing Project
Clothesline Collection of Wash Day Inspiration
Decorative Clothespins
Laundry {Life} Lessons for Wives with Abigail Adams
Laundry Love ~ Collection of Wash Day Inspiration
Laundry While Learning ~ Educating while Homemaking 
Laundry Room Art {7 Different Sets} ~ Free Printable
Laundry Room Tour ~ Free Printable Laundry Labels
Lavender Linen Spray ~ Free Printable
Lemons ~ Basic Household Uses in Laundry Room
Make Your Own Fabric Softener ~ All Natural
Spray Starch ~ DIY ~ A Tiggy-winkle Tutorial
Stain Removal Spray ~ A Tiggy-winkle Tutorial
"The Linens" {An Old Fashioned Day} ~ Whatsoever Thy Hands
Wash Day Inspiration ~ Printable Wash Day Prayer
"Winter Blues" in the Laundry Room
"Work of Our Hands" ~ A Homemaker's Wash Day
Visit here to see the recipes our readers shared.

Dear homemaker, please introduce yourself…

Which is your favorite?



  1. This is the greatest blog of all time! I will be spending many hours on here. Love all your ideas, and the christian theme. Cant wait to try some of your ideas, and I have been married 34 years, and still need help with organizing. Thank you for all your ideas, time and effort to make such a wonderful blog. Many blessings!

    1. Well thank you for pouring some sunshine into my day with your encouraging comment! I hope some of these ideas bless your household :)

  2. I am looking round this blog and my mouths open, it absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement Sue! I hope you find it helpful in some way! :)

  3. Oh - I have just found you. Looks like I only have about a million years of browsing to do to catch up

    1. Nice to "meet" you! Hope you enjoy yourself here! :)


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