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Uses for and How to Dry Lemon Peel ~ Citrus Series

"Lemons aren’t just for lemonade. The lemon peel is full of nutrition. It has vitamin C to help build the immune system and citrus bioflavonoid for healthier circulation. It has been used to aid digestion, helping ease colic, indigestion, upset stomach, and vomiting."

Drying lemon peels and zest is simple to do and can be a useful ingredient for the frugal homemaker! Grind up a portion of your dried peels and use in recipes that call for lemon peel granules. There are many other resourceful ideas we are sharing below… but first, here is how we dry them.

Directions for Drying Peels and Zest

Make sure your lemons are "clean". (Our neighbors haven't sprayed their trees so we are thankful for the organic source.) Place pieces of citrus peel on a cookie sheet and let sit for 3 - 6 days (depending on the humidity) in a warm, dry area (we did ours by the wood stove). Stir every few days until it is dry. Keep in mind that the smaller the pieces, the quicker they dry. The zest (shown above) will take half the time to make since it is thinner.

Make Lemon Pepper

Combine equal parts of freshly ground pepper and dried lemon zest (or adjust ratio to your liking). Grind ingredients together in a coffee grinder. Store this seasoning in an airtight container and use within a month for the fullest flavor. This would be tasty on chicken or fish!
Add to Potpourri

The lemon peel also adds a splash of color and scent to your potpourri basket! Be creative with your cuts when you know that potpourri is being prepared. You can also dry lemon slices in a dehydrator or your oven for a fancier look.

Make Your Own "Tazo" Style Tea

With it's lovely aroma and medicinal properties, dried lemon zest/peel is a wonderful addition to your cup of tea. It is also enjoyable to create your own blends. Think "Tazo" style tea! Mix together some of your favorite loose tea with some dried lemon peel and you have a wonderful gift when presented in an attractive container.

For a relaxing blend (which will also sooth the nerves and stomach), mix chamomile, lemon peel and lavender flowers. For an energy boost, brew loose green tea with lemon peel (my afternoon favorite).

"Lemon or Orange Peel for Tea Caddy
Thoroughly dry the peel from an orange or a lemon, and place it in the tea caddy. 
This will greatly improve the flavor of the tea."

Fowler's Household Helps by A.L. Fowler, 1916

With fresh lemon peels, you can make your own lemon body scrub, lemon extract and fabric softener. You may also be interested in Uses for and How to Dry Orange Peels.


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