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Friday, April 11, 2014

Peter Rabbit's Bookmarks ~ Fun Friday! ~ Free Printable

"Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were— Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter."
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Once upon a time, there were also sweet stories for children. And those same stories helped to inspire sweet children.

Looking on the bookshelves today, I wonder what has happened? Why pour into that tender soul, something that isn't pure, lovely and good?

And so I hope these little bookmarks will remind us of the sweet moments of childhood. And that we will have a desire to instill them in the lives of our little ones. That they may rest their heads upon their pillows at night and have sweet dreams. 

Simply download your free copy from the menu below, save and print. They are best printed on a thicker card-stock and make a lovely gift when paired with a beautiful book or these printable projects.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Peter Rabbit's Pre-School Printables ~ Free Educational Downloads

For today's Fun Friday post, we are sharing some sweet learning activities that younger children (3 - 5 years of age) will enjoy! Also included are "Peter Rabbit" recipes that little ones can cook up in the kitchen. These lesson plans are all downloadable and *free*. Simply follow the link to each printable (which are shared on the Peter Rabbit Website). They are delightful! Mothers may also enjoy the history of Beatrix Potter over a cup of English tea.

 Peter Rabbit Printable Activities ~ Planting and Growing (Science & Nature)
Peter Rabbit Printable Activities ~ Investigating Nature (Science & Nature)

Peter Rabbit Printable Activities ~ Looking After Yourself (Health)

Clean and Tidy ~ Printable Certificate

Peter Rabbit Printable Activities ~ Friendship  (Character Building)

Peter Rabbit Printable Activities ~ Real Animals (Science & Nature)

Peter Rabbit Party (Home Economics, Arts & Crafts, Basic Skills)

The World of Peter Rabbit ~ Printable Poster

The website also shares some simple games, coloring/activities sheets and other various downloads. My hope is that all of these activities will encourage your little one to enjoy the world of literature!

Make sure you read the books first! All the stories can be found in the Complete Collection of Beatrix Potter. You may also be interested in "Gardening with Peter Rabbit" as a way of playing with and teaching your little bunnies at the same time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

"Help Me Be Good" Book Set ~ Child Rearing Gems

How I love this set of books! I remember telling my little daughter things like, "don't be rude" in order to correct her character in those younger years. The frustrating part was that she didn't understand what "being rude" meant and I was at a loss.

It is a struggle in the beginning to use vocabulary words to discipline your children when they don't comprehend the meaning. This is where the "Help Me Be Good" books are gems for dear, distraught mother. It is one of my favorite sets that I share with close friends and family and so I thought to share them with you.

Each book focuses on a character concept to read to your child. They are simple to understand, with plenty of pictures to amuse them which further illustrate the point. The best part is that your youngsters will now recognize what "being greedy" means. They will identify with what "being wasteful" is, "being destructive" and so on.

You can confidently correct them in their conduct knowing that they have full understanding. The communication gap has been bridged!

This series were out of print for some time but I recently came across them in paperback boxed sets which includes songs to accompany them. Though I can't vouch for the music CD's, I will definitely recommend the books. They have been such a blessing in our household!

Titles include:
  • Being Lazy
  • Being Forgetful
  • Being Careless
  • Being Messy
  • Being Wasteful
  • Overdoing It
  • Showing Off
  • Being a Bad Sport
  • Being Selfish
  • Being Greedy
  • Breaking Promises
  • Disobeying
  • Lying
  • Interrupting
  • Whining
  • Throwing Tantrums
  • Complaining
  • Teasing
  • Tattling
  • Gossiping
  • Being Rude
  • Snooping
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Being Bullied
  • Being Bossy
  • Being Destructive
  • Fighting

Note: Though these books are not "Christian" in nature, their goal is promoting character building traits that honor God. You could always summarize each book with an appropriate Bible verse to tie everything together. You may also be interested in our Biblically Principled Picture Book List.

"The entrance of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple."
~ Psalm 119:130

Friday, January 3, 2014

"The Calendar" Cursive & Printing Practice ~ Free Printable

"Secure that the child begins by making perfect letters and is never allowed to make faulty ones, and the rest he will do for himself; as for 'a good hand,' do not hurry him; his 'handwriting' will come by-and-by out of the character that is in him…"
~ Charlotte Mason, Victorian Era Educator

Here is another set of "Monthly Printables" from our Kate Greenaway Collection that we are sharing this week. We have prepared some cursive and printing practice coloring books for your sweet scholars. It is in the basic format of "J is for January", etc. The bonus is the pages can be colored in as well.

In a Charlotte Mason education, the young student would be encouraged to copy one sentence perfectly for the day (which would increase somewhat as they mature). Short but quality lesson time is key.

We never purchased expensive curriculum when learning to print but copied out short Bible verses, little poems and anything else of that nature. These sheets are nice for the beginner. We shared a copywork booklet using "The Months" poem here that your older students would benefit from.

Below are two separate printables. One is for learning to print while the other is for practicing cursive (so make sure you access the appropriate one). These booklets would also compliment our "Teaching the Calendar" Unit Study.

If you have any problems accessing the printables, please let me know! Simply download from the menu link below, save and print.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The Months" Copywork Booklet ~ Free Printable

This copywork printable is a sweet way to teach the calendar, promote language art skills, poetry, art and penmanship in your homeschool. Featuring our favorite black and white monthly drawings by Kate Greenaway, your children may also enjoy coloring each regency inspired page featuring past-time play.

These sheets will compliment our "Teaching the Calendar" Unit Study. And, if you are new to the benefits of copywork in your homeschool, I invite you to visit here for some explanation. It is such a burden-less way to teach language arts!

Each page features a seasonal drawing and two corresponding lines of poetry from "The Months" by Sara Coleridge (1802-1852). Perhaps this booklet would be useful in your homeschool?

If you have any problems accessing the printables, please let me know! Simply download from the menu link below, save and print.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Learning to Read with Dick and Jane & Other Helpful Resources

Dick and Jane…

See them run.

See them play.

See child read.

See how easy?

One of the scariest thoughts about homeschooling our first child was, how do I teach her to read? In the beginning, I begged my husband to place our children in a school where they can teach literacy first and then I would step in once the basics were established. He didn't buy into my appeal. He was convicted from birth. I was a bit more hesitant, not trusting my patience level, not trusting my teaching ability, not trusting period.

I began an online search for all the fancy curriculum and phonics programs. However, when I looked at the instructions for these packages, I was already worn out! If I hated to read how to do it, certainly our daughter would be done with it too (If not from pure distaste, then from the frustration she felt from mother while doing the activities). So, back those went… and it became very overwhelming.

The World of Dick and Jane and Friends (Treasury) (Dick and Jane)

This is when I decided it was time to get back to the basics… What teaching tools were used prior to all the dazzling programs? What came to my mind was the classic alphabet sets and the Dick and Jane books. 

We  played with the wooden letters, sounded them out and placed them inside the proper slots. She began to recognize the letters and make the appropriate sounds herself. We casually practiced this for five minutes a day (no pressure for I had learned my lesson here).
“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
 ~ Emilie Buchwald

In the midst of all this, we read *ALL* the time in our home. That was our "curriculum". Books were a way of bonding and teaching at the same time. Because she was exposed to the excitement and fun of books, she developed an interest in wanting to read herself (which I think is the key to all of this).

“Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity
for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.” 
 ~ Marilyn Jager Adams

Once our daughter "learned the letters", we brought out the Dick and Jane books. I placed my finger along with the letters, sounded them out and made them into words (nothing professional, I assure you). I asked her if she wanted to try. "See" was the first word she read and it was pure bliss!!!

From that point on, the reading increased as we continued our practice for a few minutes a day (or more when she seemed interested). If she didn't pick it up quickly, I was going to be okay with it. She will in time. And she did… at the age of four!

Note of Caution: Do not be led to believe there is a "normal time" for everyone to read. Some children are 7 while some are 9 (and none are normal!!!). Reading books by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore will help to release you from the "ideal age" thinking in your homeschool and free you from unnecessary pressure.
The next challenge came with the blending words. For some reason, to say "rat" was easy but not "drat". She couldn't understand how to blend the consonants. This is when resource number three came to the rescue (a blending board game). It was remarkable and achieved in one sitting what I had been working on in one month!

The last obstacle was the "sight words". Many she knew since we read together so often but there were some issues. We sought another game since we had success with the last one. Sight Words Bingo was the easy solution.

And the rest is history. Her vocabulary grew and pronunciation of the longer words increased. We continued to read together every day but also appreciated the help of audiobooks. I had her read along with the tapes so that she knew how the harder words sounded. This was a priceless tool in our homeschool and is still used to this day (It also gives mother a chance to catch up on housework).

Between alphabet puzzles, classic books and fun games, we were able to accomplish the task which I had "dreaded with all my heart"! Perhaps this little post can ease your mind a bit. Sometimes the answer in home education is simply to simplify.

In fact, she took to reading so much that I caught her in the shower with a Bobbsey Twins chapter book (she was 5 years old)! I did a "s.w.a.t" style invasion because her showers became excessively long. I knew something "sinister" was occurring. How does one read while showering you may ask? That will be saved for another time, another day…

“The end of all learning is to know God,
and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him.” 
~ John Milton

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