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Wash Day Prayer ~ Free Inspirational Printable

Washing by the Rocky Creek by Carla D’aguanno

"Each day had its own proper work. Ma used to say:
"Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Mend on Wednesday,
Churn on Thursday,
Clean on Friday,
Bake on Saturday,
Rest on Sunday."
~ Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laundry Maid by Greuze

Do you dread wash day? After trying my hand at hand washing for two months (out of a weird necessity, I assure you), I can honestly say that I love wash day now... with my washing machine. It really puts things into perspective. There can be beauty in wash day, for I find the most lovely thing is that we no longer have to be a slave to the wash. We can embrace it and think on the good things… such as the fresh aroma of a clean load coming out of the washer, and the fact that we don't have to haul water from the well, lug our soiled clothes to a nearby creek or boil water in a large kettle. To my way of thinking, there is much to be thankful for on our wash days!

Wash Day by Daniel Ridgeway Knight

THE WASHING ~ A Poem of Old

They that wash on Monday
Have all the week to dry;

They that wash on Tuesday
Are not so much awry;

They that wash on Wednesday
Are not so much to blame;

They that wash on Thursday
Wash for very shame;

They that wash on Friday
Wash because of need,

And they that wash on Saturday,
Oh, they are lazy indeed!

Women Washing Clothes by the Stream by Daniel Ridgeway Knight

"That afternoon she washed the clothes in the tub and spread them on the grass to dry."

~ Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wash Day by Renoir

"I made a 'pome' yesterday, when I was helping Hannah wash; and, as father likes my silly little things, I put it in to amuse him. Give him the lovingest hug that ever was, and kiss yourself a dozen times for your
"Topsy-Turvy Jo."
"Queen of my tub, I merrily sing,While the white foam rises high;And sturdily wash and rinse and wring,And fasten the clothes to dry;Then out in the free fresh air they swing,Under the sunny sky.
"I wish we could wash from our hearts and soulsThe stains of the week away,And let water and air by their magic makeOurselves as pure as they;Then on the earth there would be indeedA glorious washing-day!
"Along the path of a useful life,Will heart's-ease ever bloom;The busy mind has no time to thinkOf sorrow or care or gloom;And anxious thoughts may be swept away,As we bravely wield a broom.
"I am glad a task to me is given,To labor at day by day;For it brings me health and strength and hope,And I cheerfully learn to say,—'Head, you may think, Heart, you may feel,But, Hand, you shall work alway!'"
~ Louisa May Alcott, Excerpt from Little Women

Washing Day by Pierre Edouard Frere

Children can be very helpful in the laundry process. They can be taught to sort your clothes, check pockets and reverse clothing to proper sides. They can also fold clothes while younger ones can match socks. They may be sloppy at first but the progress will be quick and within a year they will be such a blessing to you in this area! Just overlook the lumpy folding jobs they do in the beginning and you will succeed in having many capable hands in the future. View here for more ideas concerning children and laundry.

Wash Day on the Plains by Minerva K. Teichert
Laundry List ~

  • Clean your washing machine every few months by pouring 2 cups of white vinegar and running your washing machine on a complete cycle using hot water. This is especially important if you have hard water.
  • Visit here for a frugal recipe to make your own fabric softener. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe alternative to bleach for your whites, add one cup to wash cycle or 1/2 cup to your rinse cycle for whitening.
  • Borax, salt and baking soda are effective stain removers. A dab of lemon essential oil also does a great job.
Washerwoman by Walter H. Everett

"Wash me throughly from mine iniquity,
and cleanse me from my sin.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean:
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Create in me a clean heart, O God;
and renew a right spirit within me."

~ Based on Psalms 51:2, 51:7, 51:10

Whenever we are doing household tasks, it is helpful to dwell on pleasant thoughts. Here are some verses in Scripture that I felt were inspirational to think upon while performing our laundry duties.

I thought it would be neat to compose them into a "wash day prayer". You will find the free printable HERE if you are interested in adding this to your laundry room.

For more wash day inspiration, visit here.


  1. First of all, this whole post made me to think on washing with a smile and THAT is no small miracle!! We've been reading through the Little House series and somehow reading of the way they had to do things makes my own tasks seem less gruesome! And thank you so much for that lovely printable! That is truly worth making a copy of!!

    1. Hi Kasey, I agree completely. We are at the end of the series right now and it truly inspires much thankfulness!

  2. Employing the children with the task of laundry makes it much more tolerable. My children become interest in folding laundry between the ages of 18 months - 2years in which I begin to teach them how to fold 3 they start to fold their own shirts (which look like balls...but boy are they proud), and by 4 they really can fold their own clothes and do it well. It took me years of work for it to pay off but with a 3, 5, and 6 year old who can fold their own clothes and even fold the baby's it makes laundering clothing that much quicker.

    1. I am so glad to hear this! Many mother's are overburdened when they have so many helpers available and it makes me sad. Our society has forgotten what children are capable of and DID in the old days and boy were they responsible adults!

  3. I love this lovely post!! The pictures and poems are so inspiring.

    Amy Jo

  4. Lovely printable and great attitude about one of our ongoing chores! I agree so much that trying to keep our mind dwelling on the good and lovely helps so much. I am glad that I found your blog today. I am stopping by from The Art of Homemaking Mondays Blog Hop.

  5. Those lovely paintings "almost" make me wish I had a stream where I could do my laundry instead of a washing machine. :D And I love that the ladies look like ladies in their day gowns and petticoats.
    Have a great day!

    1. "Almost" is quite the key word! Though the actual hand washing isn't so bad, it is the wringing that will take its toll! Thanks for taking the time to visit :)

  6. I am pleased to find these perspectives on a traditional "women's task." I have linked to this post from page 16 ofThe Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. ( Thanks for this fine resource!


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