Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bounty of Broccoli and Serving Suggestions

Here is our little broccoli "baby" springing forth from the cluster of leaves.

I thought I would share how easy broccoli was to grow! It is an excellent addition to your autumn garden as it can handle the cold (just keep a plastic cover over it if expecting a deadly frost). We planted some for the first time this year and are very pleased with the results… It was so simple! We placed the seeds directly into the soil and sprinkled the earth with a shower of water every day in order to keep the soil damp. Within a few weeks, we had little seedlings and then tiny flowers...

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, has anti-cancer properties, and is beneficial for prevention of heart disease.

Serving Suggestions:
  • Steam broccoli, add some butter to it and sprinkle some cheese on top for an extra tasty treat!
  • Lemon Broccoli Pasta Dish.
  • Add into a pasta salad (give it a quick dunk in boiling water to blanch it first).
  • Serve blanched with ranch and other dippy vegetables.
  • Shred and/or freeze the stumps for using in pasta sauces and soups.
  • Add broccoli into a stir fry.
  • Add it into your hot pasta dishes.

This is such a frugal (when you grow your own), fresh and fun food to prepare for your family. Do you have any good recipes you recommend for these green flowers of the garden?

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  1. I planted broccoli for the first time this autumn as well. Something seems to be eating up the small leaves that I have though. Oh well I'm hoping to get a lil something from them - only time will tell. :o)


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