Art of Aromatherapy DIY's

"With essential oils you can take control of your life and environment, secure in the knowledge that your well-being will be improved. You can use them for all the same purposes that the medical professions and the food and beauty industries do … and more!"

Think of *quality* essential oils in terms of (more posts will be shared soon):

More medicinal information on "The Art of Aromatherapy" is shared below.

"Besides their antiseptic and bactericidal properties widely used today ... essential oils possess anti-toxic and antiviral properties, have a powerful vitalizing action, and undeniable healing power and extensive therapeutic properties.”
Gattefosse, French Chemist, "Father of Aromatherapy"

Although the name implies that scent is the main concept of aromatherapy, it is only a fraction of what essential oils offer (and a portion of the benefits of aromatherapy). Their properties vary from being anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and the list goes on!  Unlike antibiotics, essential oils are able to penetrate the cell and are effective against BOTH bacteria and viruses

Unfortunately, new age thinkers have sabotaged the beauty of natural healing for some people by attaching eastern philosophies. But the believer knows that Scripture writes of using herbs, leaves and flowers for our medicinal needs (Ezekiel 47:12) which is what essential oils are composed of.

I have always loved essential oils though it was only for their alluring aromas (interestingly enough, I did use them in my home birth many moons ago). After being introduced to the potent doTERRA oils, I have developed a deeper intrigue for them. They can be used in all facets of our home life and I am inspired on a whole new level!

Think of *quality* essential oils in terms of:
  • Your Private Medicine Cabinet 
  • An Emergency Preparedness Kit
  • Bath and Beauty Treatments
  • Potpourri and Beautifier of the Home
  • Household Cleaning Products
Furthermore, essential oils are plain, old fun! Creating your own concoctions is a blast! With an arsenal of products, you feel like a home apothecary as you mix up and prepare special blends customized to the needs of your family.

We will be sharing our adventures using therapeutic grade essential oils which are strong and powerful tools (compared to the diluted products sold in most retail stores). I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences and the wide variety of uses for these power-packed, plant based extracts.

You will soon discover that essential oils are more than good scents, they make good sense! An adequate collection will fulfill many roles in your home which is so liberating to this independent-minded soul! To have these tiny glass bottles filled with a myriad of medicinal properties right at your fingertips… 

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"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth;
and he that is wise will not abhor them." 
~ Ecclesiasticus 38:4

To learn about science-based research on essential oils, visit Vintage Remedies {affiliate link}!

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