Friday, September 9, 2011

An Announcement Board

Announcing the announcement board… which is really just a magnetic dry erase board that I placed on our refrigerator. However, everyone loves to read the special messages on it! Or shall I say the announcements? It gives them something to look forward to in the home. I am convinced that if you make your abode a warm, inviting and engaging place, your children will be less likely to seek the world for its amusements.

Here are some samples of what you may find being announced as "festivities" in our household. It is not a daily event (we do ours three or four times a week) so it is a surprise when one shows up. You can see that it is very simple however it really excites the family. It makes them feel special to have something planned and prepared just for them!

And of course, this is only for the well behaved that day...
What will yours say?

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