Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning Geography from Picture Books

Do you want to share interesting places and cultures with your children? If so, travel with your family using beautiful and fun picture books that take them to far away lands! Who said geography was boring? Just make sure to interact with them as you read. Here are some ideas:

  • You can ask them if they can find the places you read about on the map or globe (I like to keep one nearby for easy access when we read).
  • Do they know anyone famous from that region?
  • Do they know what the weather is like in that region?
  • Do they know any famous places in that area?
  • If they could go anywhere in the world, where would they go? Read about that area!

These kinds of questions will bring the books to life and you will be surprised at how comfortable they will become with a globe or map in their hand.
Keep in mind that geography needn't be taught as a lone subject. Incorporate it into your daily routine. A bit here and a bit there and you have gently taught them without forcing in a time slot that you don't have! When you read about bugs in North America, have them point to North America on the globe. When a country is named in a book you read to your children, pause at that moment and have them find it on a map. When a passage describes a famous river, have them find it in an atlas. I think you get the point… Geography can be easily integrated into anything you are studying!

Here are some of our favorite picture books relating to geography:

Geography in General ~ Picture Books

World Geography ~ Picture Books

U.S. Geography ~ Picture Books

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