Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fourteen Carrot Gold and Serving Suggestions

Segment four of our first ever autumn garden features carrots.  We planted some for the first time with a slight problem... We planted too close and stunted the growth a bit. We just dropped a slew of seeds in a row, watered it occasionally and walked away (some of these gardening books make it sound so hard when it can be so simple). But, make sure to thin out the seedlings once they sprout or you will have baby carrots like we did. However, they are just as tasty!

  1. Excellent source of Vitamin A
  2. Excellent source of Vitamin C
  3. Excellent source of Vitamin K
  4. Good source of potassium
  5. Supports eye health
  6. Can help inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells
  7. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Serving Suggestions:
  • Steam carrots and serve with some butter (or add some brown sugar as a treat)
  • Add into pasta salads
  • Serve raw with ranch and other dippy vegetables

What are your favorite ways to serve carrots?

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