Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make Your Own Mix-in-a-Jar Kits ~ Prepare Your Own Pantry

"In the house of the wise are stores of choice food..."
~ Proverbs 21:20a

As we try to avoid processed, pre-packed foods, I noticed that our pantry was becoming more and more intimidating come meal time! Everything needed to be made from scratch and it was daunting on those exhausting days that every homemaker has. By preparing dozens and dozens of your favorite foods in jars, you now have a convenient inventory of goods to serve your family in seconds! Here are some of our favorite mix-in-a-jar recipes. They all include the printable recipe kit which makes it easy (jar labels + instruction labels).

Just a little reminder... When making up pantry mixes, here are a few ways to avoid mess and waste:
  • Because you are using "dry" ingredients, simply wipe off the measuring spoons and measuring cups you used to make the mixes and immediately put them away. No need to add them to that pile of dirty dishes -- this makes clean up a breeze!
  • When printing out our recipe kits, in order to save on ink (you can also print using the "draft" version), just wipe out the jar when it is empty and place it right back in the original spot on the pantry shelf. When you use up your last mix, refill all the jars with fresh ingredients. This way you save on ink and the "cut and paste" time for each batch.
  • When making up the mixes, I timed myself on each jar (without rushing, I promise) and it came out to approx. 3-minutes per jar! That is quicker than driving to the store, waiting in line and purchasing a boxed mix (plus you are getting a superior product). Don't underestimate the savings and convenience of the make-your-own-mixes.

Happy pantry building!

P.S. This post has been pre-scheduled as I am out of the country (visiting my precious far away family) until Septemberish. Though I won't be able to reply, I would still love to hear from you in the comment section if you care to share! Happy summer and/or winter (to those in the southern hemisphere)! Love, JES
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  1. I think I know how I am spending my Saturday!

  2. First let me thank you for having open comment section. Several times I have tried to share a thought but the blog owner has comment set up with a Google account. I refuse to sign up for any of those things. So thank you for making it easier for fellowship!

    Second, those measuring spoons are beautiful! I literally gasped at how pretty and old fashioned they are!

    Third, thank you for sharing the idea for the prepare mixes. I am becoming better at making myself cook at home but some days I am so tired come dinner time. Having the biscuits already mostly mixed may make it bearable to fix a meal at home and not get fast food or take out!

    Beautiful blog. I love all the Scriptures and the old fashioned, homemaker feeling of it. I will definitely visit again! I have found you before but always end up losing the link. I'm saving it to my home screen so that doesn't happen any longer.


  3. I love "ready in a jar" mixes. And I love love love those beautiful measuring spoons.

  4. These are some great mixes to have on hand. Especially for those busy nights.

  5. Such a great resource, JES. Thanks so much. It is the 1st September here in Australia tomorrow so I guess you will be coming home soon. I hope you have had a wonderful time with your family.

  6. Thank you, JES! My first thought is to put some of these together for our daughter and family who just moved into a house that has a large pantry room. These jars would be a great way for our 8yo and 9yo grandchildren, who both have some cooking experience, to put something quick and yummy together to help Mom out ~ or even just for the fun of it! :-) ~ Lynne

  7. Your blog is a treasure trove of happy home-making. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Dear Jes, this is a wonderful post. I have been a fan of DIY mixes for many long years. From muesli, to muffin mix, to spice mixes, I agree that making your own is better for your health and your wallet, and usually tastes better too! I have to say I love the look of your granola, and that gingham ribbon just says homespun! Love, Mimi xxx

  9. Just found your page and its amazing thank you so much for all the recipes and especially the all natural cleaners.