Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Power Outages, Generator Safety, Carbon Monoxide ~ Proverbs 31 Preparedness Series

“All things are ready, if our mind be so.” 
~ William Shakespeare

Welcome to the next installment of our Proverbs 31 Preparedness Series which involves power outages, generator safety and carbon monoxide. Though these aren't my favorite topics to write on, they are still quite important to the keeper of the home. I know this isn't as exciting as filling our pantry shelves or foraging for free food but it must be covered as this information can save lives!

The State of Washington once again provides an excellent 2-page printable which covers the "general" information for these topics. I have included excerpts here for your perusal. I do appreciate all these tips but must be honest in saying that I would use a candle or oil lamp if necessary (which is contrary to their advice). People have been lighting their homes for years with candles. As common sense in safety is being abandoned by many these days, it doesn't make a certain practice inappropriate for everyone! This is just my way of thinking at least...

Additional Information: If the electricity does go off and it looks like it will take awhile before it returns (access the situation), you will want to use the perishable food in your refrigerator and garden first. Once that it accomplished and you STILL do not have power, FEMA then suggests to "use the foods from the freezer. To limit the number of times you open the freezer door, post a list of freezer contents on it. In a well-filled, well-insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers (meaning foods are safe to eat) for at least two days. Check to make sure the seal on your freezer door is still in good condition. FINALLY... Begin to use non-perishable foods and staples."

For preparedness ideas on how to cook without power, visit here!

For ideas on how to light your home without power, visit here

I felt the generator safety information to be very helpful as our home is set up with a power switch transfer in the case of a power outage. 

And finally, an excerpt on carbon monoxide poisoning prevention. This is a very serious subject and should be reviewed by everyone. Do you have anything else to add regarding these topics? 

Your homework for the month:
  • Read through the complete publication on power outages, generator safety and carbon monoxide (it is just a quick 2-pages). Knowledge and awareness is an integral part of preparedness and an important way we homemakers can protect our homes!
Extra Credit:
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  1. Excellent readiness post, JES. And I agree, candles and oil lamps are too handy to disallow just because there are precautionary measures to be observed when using them. Sometimes I think the "authorities" should just chill out. I don't walk down the middle of a busy road, and I'm not likely to burn a candle within an inch of a dried flower arrangement. lol
    Hope you're having a lovely visit with family. :)

  2. Good advice...but this scares me!

    When we got a generator we joked that now we would never need it. Having one wards off storms. But then we needed it!

  3. This was very timely for me JES, as we have just been given a (non-working) generator by someone who was moving house. Once we get it up and running, I will be referring to this post!

  4. Great post Jes. You never think you need these things...until you do! Mimi xxx

  5. Some years ago my youngest son went to a birthday party of a friend (he was eight). There was a power outage and the family used a generator. All the people got monoxide poisoning. It makes you sleepy so no one realized. It was a miracle that a latecomer arrived and realized that something was terribly wrong. The party ended at the local hospital with all the children connected to oxygen. And very thankful parents.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog and God bless you

  6. Awesome post JES! I want to add to the carbon momoxide warning is to make sure your gas furnace is working properly. We got carbon monoxide poisoning several years ago because our furnace was letting out a burning smell which led to carbon monoxide poisoning.

  7. Great post! One I will read again. Happy Sunday to you,