Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Anatomy of a Quiche ~ Free Printable Recipe Kit

In the summer (especially with all the zucchini) we make a lot of quiches! I will even venture to say that they pop up often in the autumn/winter to be used with spinach, kale or any other leftover produce. To make meal time easier for the homemaker, I have put together a little printable quiche recipe kit

“With enough butter, anything is good.”
~ Julia Child

There are many quiche recipes out there, but my go-to is comprised of:

-- 6 tbsp. butter (or oil)

-- 8 c. thinly sliced produce (summer squashes, kale, spinach, chard, etc.)

-- 1 large onion, thinly sliced

-- 5 large eggs

-- dried spices (this we will make into a ready-made mix)

-- 4 c. shredded mozzarella cheese (you can mix and match your own cheeses)

NOTE: This recipe makes one 13x9-inch quiche or 2-round pie plates (reduce the recipe in half to make an 8x8-inch or one round pie plate). You can make this crustless (aka low carb or gluten-free) or you can prepare a pie crust (this is an easy pie crust recipe) and pour contents inside. 

“It is hard to imagine a civilization without onions.”
~ Julia Child

By preparing one of the components ahead of time (the spice mix), it makes for an easy meal. 

Simple sauté 8 cups of thinly sliced produce (my favorite is zucchini) ** with one large onion (also thinly sliced).

** If using greens in this recipe, I will sauté the onion until tender and then add in the kale, spinach or chard until just wilted together. If using broccoli (or a vegetable just as "hard"), I would steam it until tender and then add into the sautéed onion.

In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and 3 scant tablespoons of the quiche seasoning mix (recipe to follow). Add the slightly cooled sautéed vegetables with the cheese and egg mixture. Pour into a 13x9 inch casserole dish and bake for 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 30-40 minutes (or until golden brown and set on top). Or, prepare a pie crust and pour contents inside and bake as normal. 

The key to making this easier is the make-ahead seasoning mix and a basic recipe (which I taped to the inside of my cupboard for convenience).

For the seasoning mix, stir together and place in a (wide-mouth) pint jar the following:
  • 13 tbsp. dried parsley
  • 3 tbsp. salt (I use the pink mineral salt)
  • 3 tbsp. garlic powder
  • 3 tbsp. dried basil
  • 3 tbsp. dried oregano
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. ground pepper

Now, you simply print out the RECIPE KIT, make the seasoning mix and keep your recipe handy for all your quiche making needs. Hopefully this all makes sense?

Happy homemaking!



  1. Thank you for this recipe -- this was a lifesaver today and uses what we have on hand. I thank God for you!

    1. Awww 🥰 I’m so glad! I hope you enjoyed it ♥️

  2. Dear Jes,
    That’s just what I really enjoy about coming to S and P. You share ways, you have discovered that make for an efficient home. Thank you for taking the time to do this for your friends (readers). There is something so calming and lovely about this beautiful place you share with us. I’m always inspired to make my home that little bit more lovely with your ideas and ways. I always smile when I see those pretty clothes pegs on your side bar. What is also great is that what you show us is achievable for anyone and not expensive. I look forward to each post you bring us.
    Blessings Gail.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Gail ♥️ it was very timely 🤍

  3. Thank you! This looks delish!

  4. How fun, last night I had put out the ingredients to male quiche for our family's lunch today, and you post this! I have made quiche for years--it's quick, simple, tasty, and you can use all kinds of fillings, especially leftover vegetables and meats. I just do a crustless version--easier for someone like me who doesn't have the 'pie crust making gene'. I have made a rice crust on occasion. I also have a basic recipe, the one from The Tightwad Gazette. I have downloaded your version, and will be playing with it. Thank you, you truly DO spoil your readers.

    Quick question--have you ever made the basic quiche egg mixture, then poured it over leftover spaghetti or other leftover plain pasta and baked it? We call it pasta pie, and it's another good way to use up leftovers.

    1. No I haven’t tried those things but I LOVE those ideas ♥️ thank you so much for sharing them 🤗

  5. Let's oks good. I will have to try.

  6. Love a Quiche. I add half a cup of gluten free self raising flour and blend it in before other ingredients. This is my impossible pie. It is so delicious, perfect for picnics and lunches too. The herb blend is a good idea. I will be drying lots of Parsley soon and my other herbs are looking ok I hope to get some growth now Spring is about to kick in!xxx

    1. I will have to try your pie 🥧 ♥️ Sound delicious!

  7. Hi JES. I'm Linda from Virginia, USA. Your blog is so enjoyable! I've just recently discovered your blog through Bluebirds are Nesting. I've been coming back nearly day reading your older entries. Your oatmeal jam bars are convenient and tasty and my husband loves them. I was able to download and save this quiche kit, but I was "denied access" to your pie crust recipe. I keep purchasing ready made pie crust because I have never been successful at from scratch pie crusts. I'd love to try yours. Thanks for providing us with such a lovely place to visit. ~~ Linda

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for sharing!! This makes me happy to hear as it is so nice to "gather" with like-minded women. As far as the pie crust, try the recipe kit link as it is a newer link and should work ---


      Have a beautiful week!

    2. Thank you. I'm excited to try it.


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