Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Round Up

"For there is a great satisfaction in work well done,
the thrill of success in a task accomplished."
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, On Wisdom & Virtues

Enclosed is a round up of articles on our series of  "The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work". I know that I am in constant need of reminders and inspiration and I hope some of these essays from our archives will be an encouragement to you! 

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Part 1: The Sweet Satisfaction (Mental Well-Being)

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Part 2:  The Sweat Satisfaction (Physical Well-Being)

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Part 3: The Sweetness of $aving (Financial Well-Being)

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Part 4: The Spiritual Strengthening (Spiritual Well-Being)

The Blessings of Old Fashioned Work ~ Part 5: Balancing the Blessings (Overall Well-Being)

"We have been, for so long, thinking of labor as a curse upon man that, because of our persistently thinking of it as such, it has very nearly become so.

There always has been a great deal of misplaced pity for Adam because of his sentence to hard labor for life when really that was all that saved him after he was deported from paradise, and is the only thing that has kept his descendants as safe and sane even as they are.

There is nothing wrong with God's plan that man should earn his bread by the seat of his brow. The wrong is in our own position only. In trying to shirk while we "let George do it," we bring upon ourselves our own punishment; for in the attitude we take toward our work, we make of it a burden instead of the blessing it might be.

Work is like other good things in that it should not be indulged in to excess, but a reasonable amount that is of value to one's self and to the world , as is any honest, well-directed labor, need never descend into drudgery.

It is a tonic and an inspiration and a reward unto itself. For the sweetness of life lies in usefulness like honey deep in the heart of a clover bloom."
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, On Wisdom & Virtues

“Yes,” she said, hopefully, “I know you will succeed, for the best thing a man can have, is work with a purpose in it, and the will to do it heartily.”
~ Louisa May Alcott, An Old-Fashioned Girl

“The LORD will open to you his good treasury,
the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season
and to bless all the work of your hands.”
~Deuteronomy 28:12
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  1. JES thank you for these reminders. I just want to say another thank you. I was trying to find a particular recipe, that I knew I had written down, in one of three notebooks and I was getting quite frustrated with myself. I decided it was time to get these wonderful recipes all into the one place and organised for ease of finding.
    I turned to your Peter Rabbit page and used the rose 4x6 recipe cards. I wrote all my recipes out and laminated them. I was messaging chatting with Annabel and she suggested a photo album as a means of organisation. It was a great suggestion. I picked up a rose covered album and some page tabs from the cheap shop, and I now have a lovely recipe book. In the back of the album is a sleeve for negatives. I have placed extra recipe cards in here ready to be used. Thank you for having so many wonderful printables that we can access and use. I like organisation and I like pretty. With these cards I can have both.

    1. So glad to hear about your project! That puts a smile on my face and makes it all so very worth it when I know the printable safe getting used 😀

  2. I have just loved this whole series Jes! xxx

  3. Lovely posts on old fashioned work, JES. We are blessed to have a home and be able to work in it.

  4. I loved this series of posts, looking forward to rereading it--I need a refresher.

  5. Thank you for the roundup posts. Now I know where to find the whole series!

  6. I think it was this series that kept me coming back! There's so much truth and wisdom in all you said and quoted. It's so true that today's life is one to avoid work as much as possible! I don't have to look back too far to see where this wasn't the case. I remember my g'parents and their beautiful little house. Everything was always tidy and the garden always had beautiful flowers. Even in the city, they had a small garden. While they took their rest, it was never with idle hands. My grandma would crochet or embroider and my grandpa would be tinkering with some kind of little motor or polishing something. I never heard them talk about dieting, gaining weight, gyms, boredom, or such. They ate only during mealtimes, ate well, and always ate dessert. Neither was ever even a little overweight. I also don't recall them ever complaining about work. It was just done.

  7. JES - so encouraging, and I too am very thankful for your blog and sharing! ` Blessings!

  8. Dear JES,
    Thank you for all the homemaking reminders and inspiration you share, including the beautiful pictures. I am behind on some things and there is much to be done here, so I know these posts from your archives will be helpful and encouraging to read again.
    It's always a pleasure visiting here ~

  9. JES, thank you so much for these posts. They are inspirational.

  10. I saw your post this morning, but didn't have time to read these until tonight. I thought about them all day, anticipating the time to sit down and read them. They did not disappoint. I wish this was in a book form; the pictures are beautiful too! So inspirational!

  11. I have to admit, I often find myself trying to think of the easiest way to accomplish something. But when I focus on the parts of the task and the task itself more fully, I actually ENJOY it, rather than just seeing it as an annoyance. Beautiful pictures and thoughts!

  12. I have loved this series too Jes. Thankyou so much. Your inspiration reminds us all of the importance of being a Homemaker. Love, Mimi xxx