Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prepare a Breakfast Tea Tray ~ Link Up Love

“Breakfast! My favorite meal- and you can be so creative. I think of bowls of sparkling berries and fresh cream, baskets of popovers and freshly squeezed orange juice... even the nutty flavor of Irish oatmeal with brown sugar and cream. Breakfast is the place I splurge with calories, then I spend the rest of the day getting them off! I love to use my prettiest table settings - crocheted placemats with lace-edged napkins and old hammered silver. And whether you are inside in front of a fire, candles burning brightly on a wintery day - or outside on a patio enjoying the morning sun - whether you are having a group of friends and family, a quiet little brunch for two, or an even quieter little brunch just for yourself, breakfast can set the mood and pace of the whole day."

It is hard for me to eat in the morning but one thing has always tempted me, a breakfast tray! Filled with sweet and savory dainties, a generous pat of butter, something hot and something chilled, I am immediately drawn in! Here are some posts which were shared on our 3rd Edition of The Art of Home-Making Mondays which inspired in me a lovely breakfast ensemble. Would you like to join in as I prepare my dream tray? 

To begin, a hot roll with steam rising from it is a must have on every breakfast tea tray! These biscuits shared at Savoir Vivre Autrement will certainly do the trick. Just be certain you have some farm fresh butter to go with them!

Now, some jam to spread on your bread... Sarah at Hope in Every Season shares her recipe on making peach orange marmalade (no pectin needed) which will delight the morning senses!

A dose of protein is a wise way to start off your day! Visit Phylicia Delta where she shares her homemade yogurt recipe with us. You will also enjoy her storytelling abilities.

Next on the menu, muffins are a must! Lisa at Happy in Dole Valley linked up her healthy (but tasty) strawberry sourdough muffin that I am eager to try. Place your leftover fresh fruit in a china bowl and serve that too!

Finally, some herbal tea would be a soothing start to your special morning. The Homestead Lady shares how to dry your own mint for tea, what the health benefits are and other interesting uses for this prolific herb.

Don't forget to serve your dainties on pretty dishes! Julie at The Smallest Acre shared her beautiful bargain hunting finds with us. We don't need a large budget to prepare an attractive table!

And lastly, flowers and a devotional make a fine finishing touch. Join Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose where she shares both with us in the inspiring, "Come Unto Me".

The most exciting part about a breakfast tray is the presentation and variety. When my back was out a few weeks ago, my daughter prepared one for me every morning (her own idea). What a blessing! Is there anyone in your home who could use a little love as well? Thank you ladies for sharing your homemaking ideas with us! I invite you all to join us next week at The Art of Home-Making Mondays.

"...though never in her life before had she beheld
half such variety on a breakfast–table..."
~ Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


  1. My dear JES, thank you for sharing my 'Come Unto Me' post. The way you wrote your post is simply beautiful and made me smile. Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention - what a great list of wonderful posts!

  3. Thank you for sharing my post, Jes. I feel so blessed when lovely ladies like you feature my itty bitty blog. I read your profile and 10 random facts. I believe Pride and Prejudice is a favorite of mine also.

  4. This is beautiful! I'm inspired now to make a breakfast try one morning for y husband. I'd always thought of having one in bed, but not in front of the fireplace, so I think I'll set up a small table and chairs in front of it one morning and spoil his socks off! Thanks for this post your blog is beautiful!

    1. You would make his day! :) (maybe even his week)

  5. We have been away for a few days and I'm just catching up on email...what a delight to find that you've featured my strawberry sourdough muffins. :) What a wonderful collection of posts and ideas you've put together, JES; I'm honored!

    A blessed week to you and your readers,

    Lisa :)


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