Saturday, July 5, 2014

Preserving the Harvest ~ Link Up Love

"Old-timers preserved food mainly by root-cellaring, drying, salting - or feeding to livestock, which returned the food as milk, meat, or work. The old-timers never let anything go to waste. After canning came along, most country families canned many, many jars of fruit, vegetables, and meats every year."
~ Carla Emory, Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Preserving all your fresh foods to last all the year long is a passion of mine. Other lovely ladies who have this same interest shared some wonderful ideas on the 7th edition of The Art of Home-Making Mondays. I hope these posts will inspire you to save some of the harvest the old fashioned way!

What to do with blackberries?

Tracy at Our Simple Life share a delicious recipe for canning blackberry pie filling. I drool as I type this. An alternative way to store your buckets of berries is to dehydrate them for cereals, snacks and such. Visit Countrified Hicks for a tutorial on how to dry blackberries.

Learn to Dehydrate!

Gentle Joy has really inspired me to take my dehydrator to the next level. She shares all kinds of ideas and personal experiments in her dehydrating foods series. 

Save those Garlic Scapes!

Have you ever heard of these? We grow garlic and yet this is new to me. Lindsey at Cultivate Nourishing shares how to prepare pickled garlic scapes for the pantry and how to ferment garlic scapes. I am curious to try preserving this other part of our beloved garlic plant!

"Waste not, want not." 
~ An English Proverb

Thank you lovely ladies for your contribution to our link up last week! I hope you will join us next week for The Art of Home-Making Mondays. Your post may be featured here :)


  1. I was raised in suburbia so never saw much canning around. My grandfather grew blackberries though. My mother froze what litte was left. We always ate them! I did dehydrate for a while and loved it but the used dehydrator I had ended up biting the dust! I would love to try again. Thanks for all the tips.
    And sweet sister thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts. I am glad that my story reminded you of Job but I don't feel worthy for my plight to be compared. It was sweet of you to give me a blessing! Have a great Saturday.

    1. Many of us will not experience the plight of Job (thankfully!!!), but the reminder is still the same for us ALL, God is in control... and that is the good news :)

  2. Your soup in a jar looks amazing. I do tend to have a special connection with my crock pot come autumn and winter:) I am discovering more and more ways to use my dehydrator especially in conjunction with hot oven/jar canning. I do like the idea of dump and go for those days when daylight is short. Thank you for sharing - love it.

    1. Dump and go is a dream on those busy days :)

  3. I enjoyed all of the features from last week's linkup, especially Gentle Joy's dehydrating post.

    1. Wasn't it amazing on how many items she has stashed away! And to see all her experiments, it was fun!


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