Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs ~ How to Determine Freshness and "Eggs"tra Tips

“Eggs have two advantages over all other foods.
First, they are procurable nearly everywhere; second,
the most dainty person is sure when eating eggs
that they have not been handled.”
~ ‘A Book for A Cook’, The Pillsbury Co. (1905)

Do you have farm raised eggs? Below is a diagram which will help you to determine if your eggs are fresh. When in doubt, place them in a bowl of water and the results present themselves.

(1) slightly stale, (2) stale, (3) very stale

All of the above are good to eat except for number 3… the floaters are most likely rotten.

"Eggs"tra Information: 
  • Fresh eggs do not peel well when hard boiled. If that is your intention, leave eggs out in room temperature for about two to three days prior to cooking in order to achieve an easier peeling experience. You can go crazy trying to peel a fresh egg!
  • Crushed egg shells can be recycled back into the chickens feed as a calcium source providing they no longer resemble an egg (otherwise your chickens may begin to look at their eggs as food which is big trouble).
  • Feeding chickens your table scraps is a great way to supplement their meals while limiting waste in your home. However, some foods are toxic to chickens such as raw potato peels, avocado (pits and skins) and rotten foods. It is also wise to avoid coffee grinds, chocolate (who would waste such a precious commodity anyway!) greasy foods, processed foods (we shouldn't be eating these things either!) and raw meat.
  • The chicken came first. Just as God created Adam and Eve as full grown humans, all other animals in the beginning were created in their mature forms as well (making them ready to reproduce and populate the world). 
  • Here is where we order our chicks should you like to start your own coop operation for there is nothing like a fresh egg with orange yolks.

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  1. I like the picture with the bowl and eggs! I've pinned it too. Nice post, looking forward to more egg-messages. We have chickens too. Lots of little eggs now. I've seen your comment today, thanks for explaining : ) Have a nice day,

    1. We call those little eggs the "pee-wee's"… Perfect fit, yes? :)


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