Friday, March 1, 2013

The Chocolate Masterpiece ~ Healthier/Tastier "Cup of Gold"

“There is nothing better than a friend,
unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
~ Charles Dickens

I'll never forget the day I read this post, it was love at first sight! Chocolate candy that was considered "good for you"! The moment I saw the recipe, I had one thought in mind, to create my own "Cup of Gold" with it. Please tell me you know what these are?

I like them more than the original because they have a darker chocolate flavor, whereas the original "Cup of Gold" are milk chocolate (hope this statement of "dark chocolate" faith doesn't offend any one) and (except for the marshmallow) they are way healthier (which is hard to believe but you can trust Jacqueline who shares why on her original Bonbons post.) 

Important Note: These don't taste healthy. If they did, I would not eat them (I want to be healthy like the rest of you, but when it comes to chocolate, if it doesn't bring joy to the palate, why bother? This is serious stuff here! The taste of chocolate can not be compromised). 

The first step is to mix up the chocolate (no cooking necessary):
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (try to be precise)
  • 1/3 cup "quality" unsweetened cocoa powder 
  • 4 dashes of sea salt
  • 4 tsp. raw honey

Prepare your add-in's (no set measurement, just a sprinkle for each of the 8 cups):
  • two large marshmallows (each cut into 4 thin slices)
  • shredded unsweetened coconut
  • chopped almonds

Pour a small amount of chocolate into each cup (enough to cover the bottom).

Note: I cut off the top half of my cupcake cups to make them shorter and resemble the size of a candy style cup.

Sprinkle some chopped almonds and unsweetened shredded coconut on top.

Press one slice of marshmallow into your chocolate mixture and chill immediately (place in the freezer for a few minutes). You want your marshmallow to stick to the chocolate mixture so it doesn't float when you add the remaining chocolate.

Once the marshmallow is frozen in place, add more chocolate (enough to completely cover the marshmallow). Chill right away (Put them in the freezer for quick results but you can switch them to the refrigerator once they are solidified. I personally *love* frozen chocolate so I keep them there).

This recipe makes 8 decadent and generous, healthy chocolate confections. And, once they have been removed from the refrigerator, they should be eaten right away. Unlike the preservative filled, M & M's, these will "melt in your hands"... For our free printable recipe, visit here

What chocolate-worthy ideas are you coming up with right now to recreate your favorite?

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  1. Oh, Oh, Oh!!!! Now you have me going to my cabinet and wanting to mix up some 'GOLD'! And it is only 9AM!
    I have never made marshmallows, but we were talking about doing just that last spring when we were flush in raw, grass-fed cow's milk and made LOTS of ice cream. Rocky road is my absolute fave, but I like a bit less marshmallow, so why not play with it??
    Thanks for the linking back to the Bon Bon post :)

    Also, we will switch the Scribd's around and your post will air at 4AM...I'm still trying to figure out what happened when I hit schedule. I think I forgot to save draft after my settings :( I got no less than 15 phone call that day! That was the most mixed up thing! Sorry you were the brunt of it...Oh, Oh, Oh!!!

    1. Have a wonderful weekend and try to get some rest! :)

  2. Oh yum!!! Found you on Farmgirl Friday and I would love to have you share this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop today!

  3. JES, that looks totally delicious! I want to try them--I'm needing chocolate right now--thanks for the recipe!


    1. This will satisfy the craving… Trust me!

  4. You know I can taste this it looks so delicious! Thanks for linking up to The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop and I wanted to let you know that you are featured. Please stop by and pick up your button and thank you again...makes me hungry looking at it.