Monday, March 11, 2013

Inspiration and Preparation ~ Spring Cleaning "Warm Up"

Spring has almost arrived, the time to wash and scour, open up the windows and breathe in the fresh air! It is the season to purge and produce a healthier home by reducing pollen, dust mites, mold spores and our old adversary, the germs. I am hoping to inspire you to start your deep cleaning with a smile!

"In fact it was an immense relief to them all to have a little work, and they took hold with a will, but soon realized the truth of Hannah's saying, "Housekeeping ain't no joke."

~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

"You sometimes see a woman who would have made a Joan of Arc in another century and climate, threshing herself to pieces over all the mean worry of housekeeping."

~Rudyard Kipling

Alas, this "Joan of Arc" warrior cleaner is not me. I love to keep my home "neat and tidy" but it lacks in good, old fashioned, deep and dark crevice scrubbing! Unless the hormone levels are off the charts, I really am not that aggressive (sigh…).

Like some of you, I need a bit of inspiration to jump start my housecleaning. Sometimes it takes going through pretty magazines and seeing all the clean houses to get motivated. Housecleaning books are also a huge help (here is a favorite)! Other times, it takes a few pictures and organizational tips from like-minded women (such as yourselves).

Spring cleaning can be a joy when your home is filled with the scent of lavender and lemons, when happy and wholesome music is playing in the background, when the workers don their colorful aprons and the desire to accomplish great things for the home is in the heart. Get the whole family involved by micromanaging tasks into bite-sized pieces and delegating chores to (even the smaller) children.

To begin, you can print out and prepare your cleaning supplies with this Martha Stewart list:

How to Stock a Cleaning Kit 

Now that we have had our "warm up", let us begin with our:

10-Step Housecleaning Inspiration 


  1. I started spring cleaning last week. By Wednesday afternoon I had dislocated my rib! Must have been too "aggressive"!:)

    1. Oh my! YOU are that Joan of Arc cleaner :)

  2. I am so ready to throw up the windows this week and get some fresh air into the house! I have a Tuesday Greens linky over on and would love to have you join us. Hope to see you there and good luck with the spring cleaning!

  3. I've also been bitten by the spring cleaning bug! Unfortunately the weather has turned pretty cold again which killed that little bug! I hope for it to warm up soon so I can invite spring in!

  4. Spring is slowing pointing its nose here and I'm itching to open the windows and do some cleaning. Don't you just love this time of year!

  5. Thanks for making us aware of the task. Now I believe, it is important we should do some preps for spring cleaning. Thanks for the heads up!


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