Thursday, November 17, 2011

Biblically Principled Picture Books

“All I have learned, I learned from books.” 
~ Abraham Lincoln

A picture tells a thousand words… which is probably why children love to look at them in books. So many things are being said without them having to read one sentence. We love picture books in our household and have quite an assortment but our favorites are the ones which present biblical principles. These are worth their weight in gold for such gems are gleaned which shape the lives of our children. Here are some favorites from our bookshelf:

Suitable for Boys and Girls

  • Sanji's Seed: A Story About Honesty by B. J. Reinhard Young children will enjoy the adventure and suspense as they travel with Sanji and face two of the most difficult issues of early childhood honesty and embarrassment. Young Sanji has always dreamed of becoming King, but his dreams are dependent upon the growth of a tiny seed. Though Sanji does his best to care for his seed, it refuses to sprout. How can he face the King and the other boys? Should he replace his seed with another? This is one story that will leave an imprint upon your child's heart! 
  • Hedge of Thorns (Illustrated Version), rewritten by Mary Hamilton Curious to know what is on the other side of the hedge? Join John Carrol as he journeys beyond the boundaries and learns a lesson he will never forget. Based on a true story. 
  • Teach Them to Your Children: An Alphabet of Biblical Poems, Verses, and Stories by Sarah Wean Designed to teach biblical concepts to children of any age through scriptures, poems, and stories that correspond with each letter in the alphabet, this book was created to give parents a tool with which to disciple their children. With large, colorfulillustrations in a sturdy, hardback format, your children will relate to the true-to-life stories while being reminded of the scriptural character lesson through fun, easy-to-memorize verses and poems.

  • Teddy's Button (Illustrated), Edited by Mark Hamby  This tale will open a child's understanding of the spiritual battle within as Teddy learns that he is his own worst enemy! As a stubborn boy and girl refuse to back down from their selfish pride, one of the many lessons they learn is that they cannot win battles by force and hate, but by carrying the banner of love. Through this charming story, Amy LeFeuvre helps children to understand the spiritual battle that rages in their souls, and that parents and children are on the same side.
  • The Beggar's Blessing, retold by Mark Hamby A true story from the 1800s about a little girl who sacrificed her savings for a starving beggar. Full-color illustrations will capture the hearts of children as they learn that sacrifice is the cornerstone for surprising blessings. This is a story that you will never forget and is sure to become a children’s classic!
  • The Lord Builds the House: The 127th Psalm by Johannah Bluedorn The 127th Psalm has never looked so beautiful. Trivium Pursuit is pleased to announce the release of their newest children's picturebook The Lord Builds the House: The 127th Psalm by Johannah Bluedorn. 40 original paintings create stunning, colorful windows on every line of the Psalm, which begins Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. In Johannah Bluedorn's rich vision, each verse of the Psalm is illustrated with a portrait of sumptuous simplicity: farm and wild animals celebrate the bounty of nature; the beauty of family; the achievements of builders, bakers, and book authors; and the miracle of God's protection. The book makes the Psalm accessible to very young children, and reminds adults of God's provision for animals as well as for His people.

    Excellent for Girls

    Godly Character
      Wisdom in Choosing a Husband
      Manners and Grace

      Historical Role Models

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      1. What a wonderful list! While planning lessons for this year, I will add in many of these great books. Thank you for putting together this together. You really do have wonderful posts, that have helped me greatly :)

        1. Books are such excellent teachers! I do hope they bless your family :)

      2. Your blog is SUCH a blessing to me. I pour over each post... God has done such work in my heart through your writing. Thank you so much for being an Titus 2 example for the younger wives and mothers. We have many of these books already in our library but I just purchased In the Garden due to your recommendation and read it with my 6 year old daughter today. What a precious gift to share that with her. Thank you! I also bought the two Rebekah Wison books and can't wait to receive them in the mail. Thank you for sharing these titles and passing on that wisdom to our family!