Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raggedy Ann & Andy ~ Precious Playtime Activities

What happened to the good old days when little children played with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls instead of the menacing creatures they are selling in stores today? These classics are so sweet and simple.  I tried to encourage them in our home. There are so many fun and educational things you can do with your children in their younger years featuring these timeless characters...

Read together with your children…

Snuggling up on the couch and reading to them will nurture a future love of books that will continually educate and enrich your child. Language arts has never been so easy! Read good literature and their vocabulary will build.

Have a tea party with your children...

They can help you make one of these tasty treats. You would be sharing a wonderful memory together while teaching some basics in home economics and math.
Color with your children…

They love when mama participates. There is a whole page of free printables at this link. Have fun!

Craft with your children…

Print out the clip art images here and here. Cut out and paste onto brown paper bags as decoration and use for their lunches (or anything else of that nature). They will feel so artistic!

You could print out our Raggedy Ann and Andy bookmarks and have fun embellishing with ribbons together. How about making some Raggedy Ann Room Spray (which also makes a nice gift)? Children love to create useful things!

Play with your children...

Cut out paper dolls to play with… Click here for Andy.  Click here for Ann (see samples above).

Or, for black and white paper doll versions for your children to color and cut their own (above sample), click here.

And finally, read poems to your children…

They will have an early appreciation for the finer things in life if you start this quality time together now.

My Raggedy Ann

We played together, Raggedy Ann,
as playmates often do.
I always shared my dreams
with nobody else but you.

Each night my prayers were whispered
with you snuggled by my side.
On stormy nights the thunder
made us cover up and hide.

Now your eyes have both grown weary
and your arm is slightly torn,
Your cuddly body is tattered,
and your nose is mashed and worn.

We did so much together Raggedy Ann,
the years, oh how they flew.
And I cherish every memory
of growing up with you.

~ Author Unknown

Raggedy Ann is My Best Friend

Raggedy Ann is my best friend
She's just so relaxed
Just watch her bend
First from the waist
Then from the knee
Her arms are swinging
Oh, so free
Her head rolls around
Like a rubber ball
She hasn't any bones at all
But Raggedy Ann
Can stand up tall.

~ Author Unknown

Enjoy your little ones… Unlike these sweet dolls, they grow so fast.


  1. This post title caught my eye because a couple of years ago, my girls each got a homemade Raggedy Ann doll from one of their grandmas for Christmas. Neither is really that much into dolls, so they kind of just sat around. But lately, all of a sudden, the girls (now aged 7 and 9-1/2) carry them around EVERYWHERE!! It's been fun to watch and encourage! Thanks for the great poems and other ideas ~ must use a couple of these quickly before they move on to other things. (And return to school!!)

  2. Yes! When they show an interest, you have to quickly "strike" while the iron is hot! Who know what next week will bring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have love Raggedy Ann for many,many years..thanks for sharing this sweet post...blessings

    1. They just remind me of "sweet" childhood… And are being replaced with these scary looking dolls :(

  4. I'm gathering the supplies for this unit study and I can't wait to do it with my children! 💗💗

    1. These are sweet activities for younger ones ♥️


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