Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Welcome Winter" Room Spray or DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

"No one can look at a pine tree in winter without knowing
that spring will come again in due time."
~ Frank Bolles

A wonderful way to greet your family and friends this snow-filled season is with this "welcome winter" blend of essential oils. To make this into a room spray, place the following ingredients in a small spritzer bottle (in order). Alternatively, you could also mix these oils in a recycled essential oil bottle (without the alcohols or extract) and use them in your diffuser.

There are a variety of oils that will make a lovely blend so we are sharing some different options:

~ 1/2 tsp. vodka, rubbing alcohol or vanilla extract for a "creamy" scent (this will help to preserve the spray and disperse the oils throughout the mixture)

~ 2 drops of either; cedar wood essential oil (if you want a woodsy aroma), wintergreen (if you want a warm minty aroma), or pine (for that "tree lot" scent)

~ 1 - 2 drops of fennel essential oil (for a sweet scent) or 1 - 2 drops of cinnamon (for a spicy scent)

~ 2  drops of citrus oil such as lemonorange or bergamot

~  1/4 cup water (or until your 2 oz. spray bottle is full) (we purchase our glass spray bottles inexpensively here)

Being a firm believer of using what you have, I encourage you to mix and match some combinations using this recipe as a "shell". Simply insert your wintery scents when you don't have a particular oil on hand (for instance, frankincense and myrrh would work well too!).

We like to let our blend "infuse" for 24 hours before using and then we spritz away (it also feels good to know that we are cleansing the stale air at the same time because of all the beneficial properties of the essential oils!). After you have tested your blend, feel free to add more of certain oils to create the aroma of your choice.  For our mulling spice room spray recipe, visit here. Happy homemaking! 


  1. I imagine this smells divine! I love coming into a home and it smells like candles or something baking. Once many years ago we went to a home and everyone was excited because it smelled like Apple Pie. It was just a candle - Ha! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I have some of those bottles waiting in my next order from amazon.com. I can't wait to get them and use some of your ideas for a woodsy room spray.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  3. How nice! I love this simple recipe! I'm going to try the vanilla and some cinnamon! I use cinnamon oil and water to damp mop my floors and it makes me very happy! Vanilla will be perfect. Going to mop now!:) Merry Christmas, Jes!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I took soup today to a sick friend. When I walked in my friends home I was greeted by a diffuser. It smelled heavenly. It is so neat you posted this today.

  5. Thank you my darling JES for another useful 'recipe', you're truly a blessing !
    I wish you the most Wonderful and Merry Christmas ever, blessed with Joy, Peace and Love, treasure your family time and your hearth,
    with so much love and thankfulness

  6. Love these combinations! Your home must smell amazing, and welcoming :)

  7. I bet your home always smells heavenly! Mine smells of wood burning and meatloaf cooking right now so excited to try your recipe.

    1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful aroma to me! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing nice post. I took soup today to a sick friend. When I walked in my friends home I was greeted by a diffuser. It smelled heavenly.

  9. I rarely use oil in the winter but I will try it. Thanks for sharing

  10. I use essential oil everyday especially in the winter. Thanks for sharing the posts!