Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Envying the Easy Carefree Life of Everyone Else?

"All things are lawful for me,
but all things are not expedient:
all things are lawful for me,
but all things edify not."
~ 1 Corinthians 10:23

There are many moments in our Christian walk where we can feel isolated. We must pass on going to certain events that "everyone else" is attending. We are compelled to exclude ourselves from different places, activities, inappropriate clothing and media. It happens when we believe (through our actions) the inspired words of the Scriptures and "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:5).

However, loneliness can creep in. The crowds can be captivating. It can all look so easy, so carefree and without worries. It can be tempting to dive in and join in the frolic, to be like "everyone else" without the constant concerns…

Dear sisters, in these moments of weakness, let us learn from the past.

"Everyone else" drowned  in the flood... Genesis 7:23

"Everyone else" was destroyed in Sodom & Gomorrah... Genesis 19:24

"Everyone else" shouted, "Crucify him, crucify him." Luke 23:21

May we never be like "everyone else".

"Everyone else" may continue to do,  "everything else" that we choose not to...

But as for the God-fearing women, we are SOMEONE ELSE...

"...ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
an holy nation, a peculiar people;
that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you
out of darkness into his marvellous light..."
~ 1 Peter 2:9
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  1. Dear Jes, This is a very timely word for me! As it gets dark so early and I do not watch TV and I find it hard to settle down in the evenings this early. I just loved to be reminded that home is where my heart is! I will inquire of the Lord for some extra stay at home activities to do in this season.
    I am glad I read this thank you!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Dearest Jes,
    I so understand & this is applicable on many levels. ~Not only of faith, but of beliefs in general. Watching parents put dumb-dumb suckers in the mouths of 5-6 month old babies is pretty painful for me (carcinogens, GMO high fructose corn syrup, and chemical flavorings.) This is of course in addition to the going along with the crowd. At what point do we stand up for what we believe, weather right or wrong in the eyes of others? If we are trying to be better people by the example set forth so long ago, I think we will be okay in the end. In the end, it's all we can do.
    Great post. You don't have to publish this obviously, but wanted you to know that there are others in the same boat.

  3. I appreciate this encouragement. It is tempting on occasion to second-guess my slim social life and my conscious lack of participation in certain events. It appears on the surface that I'm a self-absorbed homebody, but the truth is that there are simply things I just don't feel comfortable engaging in, and am perfectly content to do as God commands, keeping my feet at home. But it is helpful to remember that the Lord Himself is pleased with me for this, and it matters not who else sees what I do or do not do.

  4. Thanks Jes, this is so right. I pray that we never become the so called "normal" person who wants only to be like the world. Thank you for reminding us of what God has given to us. Thank you also for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this today.

  6. We do have this cross to bear, but it's so light in comparison to what the Lord has done for us isn't it. I feel the reproach the heaviest when my two sisters come for visits. One of them goes to church, and the other doesn't. They both work outside the home so they are in the easily-influenced-by-others zone. But what I find very strange is that they dress pretty much the same - embarrassingly the same. Sadly, there will be a day when they will wish they had not done so. I haven't given up hope on them, though. All things are possible with God. ;) Have a great day!

  7. Amen!
    It's part of being in the world but not of the world.
    I think this is why the church is such a huge blessing. (As is God's encouragement to hospitality and fellowship!) Even though we must be separate from the world and can be tempted to feel left out, God gave us the church to combat those feelings of loneliness.
    I've definitely noticed since getting married, I can't do as much out and about. That is, I've had to cut back on my social church events. It's tempting to think I've lost an opportunity, but in truth it's just changed from one good opportunity to another. Now I have a chance to invite other young ladies, married or unmarried, into my home to be a part of my life. Large, day-long projects like preserving a boatload of green beans isn't making me "miss out" really. It's just a change of opportunity. You wouldn't believe how many young women jump at the chance to spend a day, even doing hard work. Many have never seen a godly home and it's a huge blessing to them. Then I'm blessed by them being there, because then I don't get lonely!
    God is great, that He doesn't let us be left out, but has provided a family for us.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. Jes this is perfect. Said in just the right gentle way.

    Blessings xx

  9. Yes, a wonderful word for our current days. Trying to tell our teenagers why we can't attend the "fall festivals" (nice name for halloween party) in our community. This will help me get the point across loud and clearn "everyone else shouted, crucify him, crucify him!"

  10. Dearest JES, what a post, my friend! It may not be lengthy in words, but the message is extremely powerful and much-needed! Thank you for sharing this precious message from God's Word.

    Hugs and blessings!

  11. Good Afternoon, Jes! This was such a good post. It's such a great reminder to have because sometimes we just aren't suppose to be overly involved. I love to be home, keeping busy with projects and such. So, when I fill like I'm getting in way over my head, God reminds me to take a step back. I am so okay with that. I'm me, I'm unique and I don't choose to fill the void in someone else's shoes.

    Great Post!


  12. Thank you for this sweet reminder to guard our hearts.

  13. I needed to hear this encouraging message today. I sometimes feel odd, dressing in modest clothes and loving being a stay at home wife and mother. Thank-you for reminding me I'm not suppose to fit in with everyone else.

  14. As a widow of 2.5 years this was also a timely post for me. And an inspiration, thank you........because I really don't want to be like everyone else! Jan in NWGA

  15. Amen!! I loved these thoughts. Appreciated them - more like it. Very timely.

    Thank you!!

  16. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. We are so blessed, even when it is hard being a christian, we still have God in control. Blessings

  17. Your timing is perfect. I was thinking about doing something just today. Not sin just not best.

  18. Wow! Amen, sister! What a timely post. I love the "everyone else" notes from Scripture. May God bless you as you continue to walk with Him!

  19. This is a wonderful admonition/reminder! Thank you for putting this thought into such simple, yet thought-provoking words. I love this.... it isn't condemning.. and yet, it is sobering and adds a great dignity to what we do in staying separate and following the Lord, instead of the world.

  20. I will wear it (isolation) with gladness! For I know I am not alone!

  21. I love those verses. And yes, about the loneliness of being different...now that I LOOK different, sometimes I find myself wanting to let younger people know that hey, I wasn't always a little old lady in a dress. Sometimes it's challenging to try to be an example instead of a peer, but they have plenty of peers already. Maybe the difference is just what they need to see.

  22. Amen! It really is easy to look around and want what everyone else has--but it's not what we need. I love the "everyone else" scriptures too--it's so right on the money with the thoughts! I don't want to be like the world, and should I start wanting those things of the world, let me be humbled back to where I should be!

  23. Jes, awesome words and ones to always keep working towards. Thanks for the reminder today. Be Blessed.

  24. Great words of wisdom! My husband and I don't drink so we don't get invited to a lot of things it seems like. But we are just fine with that. We don't want to be around it. Thanks for the great read!

  25. *sigh of relief*...this is so timely. Just last night I was speaking with my oldest, who is in first grade. His cousin and best friend was telling him yesterday that "you are out of control with this God stuff" (in response to things which our family stays away from that we consider to be Scripturally inappropriate). His beautiful response to him was "you are my best friend, I love you, but it hurts me when you talk to me like that"...he's so proud to love God and to follow His instructions. But this also makes him different, and a target for scrutiny amongst his young classmates. I will be reading this article to him tonight. Thank-you :)


    1. It is hardest when it affects our children... Thank you for sharing.


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