Monday, January 7, 2013

What to Make and Do with Citrus Fruits ~ The Citrus Series

The beauty of living in the country are the many orchards that generous folks are apt to share with their neighbors. We are fortunate to have one bearing lemon trees and in winter they are dripping with yellow jewels. Another farm has grapefruit trees which ornament their yard while the couple next to us has juicy tangerines. Citrus fruits are a wonderful resource for the homemaker (especially when free)! They have so many uses! When we began receiving these fruits by the bags, we sought to make the most of them in their abundant state. We hope some of these ideas will allow you to maximize their potential in your home.


  1. Lemons are expensive here, but we used them when we were sick this summer with whooping cough. And we are using them now, in water and honey for sore throats.

    1. Yes, they are expensive off season… Thanks for sharing your uses! I have done some similar things with them as well which I will be sharing soon. I hope your throats feel better. We use a spray of COLLOIDAL SILVER once a day which really helps!

  2. That is a blessing! We don't live in the city, and we don't have good garden either. I love the smell of lemon, it relaxes me. I smell it before I use it, even use it as lotion as I wash dishes. It seems to eliminate the odors. Blessing my sister!

  3. Looking forward to reading more of this series!

  4. I have so many lemons right now, thank you for this! xx