Monday, April 9, 2012

Courtesy Clip Art/Illustrations for You

We all know that pilgrims are travelers so I wanted to start sharing some of the clip art and illustrations that I have found in my journeys in the world of public domain (which are images prior to 1923 that are no longer under copyright) which have made me smile. These are for your use for whatever projects please you or perhaps you just enjoy looking at pretty pictures as much as I do!

Pretty pictures, beloved books, quotes and poems…

The images I will share will most likely fall into the same categories that are on this blog…


or anything else of interest to the Keeper at Home…

I love clip art to enhance all my home creations and organizational projects (see below). As queen of the castle, it provides much amusement without having to leave your little nest.

Because I am a sentimental creature, I may also include some nostalgic words or something related to the topic at hand to accompany the clip art posts.

Some ideas for clip art are...
  • Prettifying your home records, home management books and files.
  • Scrap-booking and crafting.
  • Decorating cards and letters.
  • Decorate chore charts and personalize them for each child with their interests.
  • To decorate your homeschool projects. We like to paste them to our copybooks which gives them individuality and specialness.
  • We use it to decorate our unit studies, reports, projects and pages.
  • Make anything mundane, "special".
  • Or, to decorate your blog with if you have one.

Here are some samples of clip art use from my home…

I used clip art to create my pantry labels

There is a free printable here if you would like to make some.

Here is a home purchases/organizational system for manuals and warranties using clip art.

There are free printables here if you are interested in making one yourself.

This was my most recent project using bible verses to create an Inspirational Recipe Book.

There are free printables here should you like to try making one.

Organizing cardboard boxes in the garage is a lot more pleasing to the eye with pretty labels.

I teach mostly though unit studies so I have all my homeschool materials placed in subjects inside 16 quart plastic containers which were a lot of fun to label and make all nice and neat.

We do a lot of copy work in our homeschool along with a variety of subject journals using composition books. It is fun to start any school journal with a decorating time for the cover. It personalizes the work for the child and makes it more of a keepsake.

I hope this has inspired you to organize frugally with clip art.

Yours truly,


P.S. For a HUGE COLLECTION of clip art, visit The Graphics Fairy. My little finds won't compare to what she has to offer! Though what I post will be of a different nature. Many of my projects above utilized her graphics.

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