Saturday, January 21, 2012

Easy Handmade Flour Tortillas ~ Printable Recipe

If your budget is bringing beans to the menu, more and more, you may be interested in adding something extra special to the table to "recreate" the basic burrito. Handmade tortillas are really economical, have zero preservatives and taste like heaven! These beauties just require some elbow grease with your rolling pin. Enlisting in the help of a child to do the cooking of the tortilla while you do the rolling makes this project go quickly, almost as quickly as these tortillas will go at your dinner table...

 Mix together six cups of flour and two teaspoons of salt in a large bowl.

Note: I have also substituted two of the white flour cups with whole wheat pastry flour with good results.

Add 2/3 cup of oil (I use sunflower oil) to the above mixture (oops, picture shows wrong amount).

Add two cups of warm water and mix until combined. The water looks cloudy since I used the same glass from above but the less dishes, the happier the cook, I say! At some point you will have to get your hands in there to finish combining the dough. Do not over-knead.

 Dough should resemble something like the above photo.

Pinch off dough balls, approximately 1 3/4 inches in diameter and lay on a floured board.

 Cover them with a dish towel while you are rolling out each one so they stay warm and don't dry out.

 Now, press down the dough ball with your palm to try to flatten it into a pancake shape.

Begin rolling the balls out on a well floured board. I am constantly adding flour so the dough won't stick and will roll out easier. At this point, I would flip over this piece, place a sprinkle of flour on the other side and roll out into a circle. Do not be dismayed at your first ones. You will probably make the shape of "Italy" on your first and then slowly work your way up to "Australia". Eventually they will become somewhat circular but it surely doesn't affect the taste, just what you can place inside. Squares are perfectly acceptable in my opinion. You can even play the "name that state" game with your children on your first six (yes, it takes a while to get it right.) This is the hardest part of the whole recipe. 

You can see I accidentally stretched the dough as I rolled this specimen out but it doesn't hinder the taste.

Place tortilla in un-greased and pre-heated, hot pan.

When dough starts to bubble like the tortilla above, then it is time to flip.

This side needs only a few seconds before you add to the pile. I keep my finished ones covered with a dish cloth as we go so they stay warm for dinner and they don't dry out.

And here they are, ready to be devoured at your next meal.

Oh and yes, you can freeze them for the future too!
Just reheat them over the flame on your stove grate if you want to serve them hot.

You will find our recipe printable HERE.


  1. That looks great! I make them at home, but I am going to steal to form them to a ball. My kids will love to help if it looks fun! thanks for sharing!

  2. I really enjoy making my own tortillas, but my recipe makes crisper tortillas. Crisper is nice, sometimes, but not when I'm wanting to use them for wraps, etc. I think I'll give the recipe you shared a try next time I need an arm workout! Hey, I'd love if you'd come and share your fantastic post at the Head to Head Showdown link party. It's all happening right now at ~Jen

  3. I've tried your recipe a number of times already, and I just had to come back and tell you how very much I LOVE this recipe! It's absolutely lovely! Your recipe has now forever replaced the recipe I was using, thanks so much! ~Jen

    1. Jen, I really appreciate you coming back to share that!!! How sweet that is :)

  4. Oh bless you again!!! I have been looking for a good tortillas recipe and here it is! :D I will have to try them asap! Do they freeze well? :o)

  5. Thank you so much for this! I have been searching for a decent tortilla recipe for so long!

    1. I do hope you like it! I have had positive feedback from family on this recipe too :) Have a wonderful week :)

  6. Any ideas on how to make this recipe Gluten Free?

    1. Hi Alice, I really have no experience in the gluten free world. However, perhaps you can substitute a gluten free flour (like Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Baking Flour) for the regular flour? Let me know if you try anything and it works… Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  7. Pinned it!

  8. Replies
    1. Hmmm... I'm not sure! When I click on the link, I am taken to Google docs and it allows me to print it out... I will look into it... I'm so sorry for the inconvenience 😞


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