Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prairie Farm Tour ~ Our Little House on the Prairie

You are invited to part one of our Homestead Home Tour. I will be showing the great outdoors today.

Below are the other landscapes of life on our farm during the last eight months…

It is amazing how many creatures you can accumulate in less than a year! 

Out of the 25 acres, the above area is our favorite!

It is the refuge for hubby and I for our Friday cup of coffee that I discussed in Coffee Break

This is the view from our front porch… and yes, these are free-range cows! 

This is our grape arbor "patio"…

Would you care to join me for a game of Scrabble here?

This climbing rose is my attempt at bringing a cottage garden onto the farm.

Our "kitchen garden" in the spring. I wrote about this area when I planted a small Autumn Garden last fall. This is where all the "quick picks" take place for the dinner table. The main garden is shown below and is farther back on our property.

This is the famous outhouse. Yes, I did try to doll it up with some abandoned bricks. I planted a hydrangea plant next to it (which the chickens have pecked apart) and hope that it will fill out and take away the scary thoughts one has of using an outhouse… It may even convince me one day! At this point it is the "little boys'" room.

Hardworking farm animals…

Well you may as well know, I  have a passion for pugs…
More on those wonderful creatures later!

And for the record, pugs are not farm dogs…
One night at three in the morning I was woken by a loud noise outside.
It was the neighbors dog eating all the kibble.
What does pug think about this intrusion?
Why nothing! For she is two feet away and snoring loudly…
To have her worries!

Playing follow the leader...

One of our two swings which was showcased in Soaring Swings.

I love the worn out grass below it for it shows use.

Horses grazing and lazing around…

The "black sheep" in the family is in a hurry to do his mischief...

The first brick building is the "laying" chicken coop where these hens make their home. Notice the white one in the picture? The reason that chicken is strutting like a happy hen is because she was saved from the "freezer" by the intercession of our daughter. For some reason, this certain chicken was special to her (although they all looked the same to me!)… A father's heart can show love in different ways and this little feathered gal is proof. The second brick building is the turkey coop which is followed by the lamb and goat pen… Like to take a peek?

Truly not the handsomest of creation. Sorry…

They look more appealing all roasted up on a platter. (Is that mean to say?)

Mama and the two trouble-makers… Does goat milk scare you?

It used to freak me out too… would you like to read about my goat milk experience?

And here is the main garden which is surrounded by chicken wire to protect it from all the creatures who are just dying to get in there. Of course, birds take the liberty and break our hearts daily with their indulgences. No corn this year…

A neighbor coming to call…

Thank you for joining me on the tour of our little house on the prairie.

You are always welcome here!

Recommended Homesteading Books
from our home:

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery is probably our hands down favorite since it is written in a way that an average city slicker with basic knowledge will understand. Humorous and down to earth, the author Carla Emery is known simply as "Carla" in our household and many a table conversation starts out with "Carla says…"… We love Carla!

Storey's Basic Country Skills is fun for its variety, tips and pictures along with simple instructions. I think women will appreciate the format on this one since it is more magazine style with some decorating themes.

This one (John Seymour's: The Self Sufficient Life) is for the more technical mind and professional type of farmer in my opinion. Great ideas but a bit advanced for our simple systems. We do refer to it on occasion and like to look at the pictures and dream of what we could do when we "grow up" into "real" homesteaders.

This is probably the book that started it all with our family (Reader's Digest: Back to the Basics). We found it at a library sale and it has been a gem ever since. Toothpaste recipes, windmill plans, you name it!


Some helpful DVD's are:

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  1. Oh how pretty! Too funny about the pug! We have a cat that is pretty much worthless, but he is pretty so we keep him around. :)

  2. Love all the pictures! Farm life is so interesting to me. I bet your children have a blast growing up there!

  3. I grew up using an outhouse all summer long at our "vacation" home in Nova Scotia. I put vacation in quotes because in retrospect I don't know what my Grandmother was thinking. Our "vacation" home had no running water, and no well, we carried our water from a local campground, limited electricity, and a wood stove that we cooked on!

  4. Your grandmother sounds tough and I love it! I actually am in the market for a wood stove :) I have got big plans! We shall see...

  5. I am really enjoying your blog! Your newest follower! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment at the chick n' coop!

  6. oh I just loved your homestead pictorial journey! So fun! ;o) Love all the animals as well ;)

  7. We have that book to!Your homestead seems so lovely!


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