Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loving Laundry and Learning ~ Help for Mother and Children

Laundry is basically the "gift that keeps giving"...  It never goes away.  BUT, the hostility toward the clean clothes pile in the laundry basket CAN go away!  In our household I generally do a load a day (yes, this varies depending upon your household size but this idea will work just the same).  By Thursday I usually have the "Tower of Babel" in a corner of a room just taunting me to fold them.  But I am armed now!  I shall not quiver at the demanding stack but smile and show my sweet children the newest audio book that I carry in my hand.  They are all too eager to listen to it! But those little hands must not be idle. They are excited to fold clothes and I am relieved of the next step of the laundry process.  At the same time, the audio books I choose are always character building and educational so there are many blessings to this system. To prevent slowness I usually surmise the pile and say "you have one hour to finish folding or I shut off the audio book".  The task is most likely accomplished on time with this reminder. Perhaps this will be a twice a week routine in your home or a daily routine. Later on the audio books can be used for car trips, sick children in bed or listened to while crafting, doing puzzles, etc.

Some of our favorite AUDIO DRAMA series are:

Jonathan Park Creation Adventures (Content: Creation Science/Character Building Adventures for Boys/Girls)

    Lamplighter Audio Books (Content: Historical/Classic Character Building Adventures for Boy/Girls)

    These audio books would be an excellent investment to add to the "fold"…  

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    1. Our family loves Jonathan Park series! That's a great idea.

      D you hang your clothes out on a line every day? If so, do they get a little stiff and smell like outside?