Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Gift of a Childhood II ~ Snippets

Instead of giving them an IPAD, show them how to climb a tree.

Instead of providing them a video game, read to them an exciting story.

Instead of turning on the television, pull out the scissors, paints, crayons and glue.

This is the gift of a childhood. 

It's all up to you...


"All your children shall be taught by the Lord,
And great shall be the peace of your children."

~ Isaiah 54:13

(Note: I'll be sharing some little "snippets" here and there from some of my more special Instagram posts that I feel some of you may enjoy that aren't on it...)


  1. Common sense! Thank you for these excellent alternatives. I hope it causes parents today to ponder what is the "ancient path".

  2. I have mixed feelings about this right now since my niece said that her kids are really struggling with virtual school online since they had no prior experience with computers. She is trying to juggle three children with online school and teaching them how to use the computer at the same time and it has been very hard.

    1. Thanks for being honest Lana. I think virtual online school is a subject in itself... but with that being said, I think we can agree that moderation would still be key... Allotting a time for the computer each day but making sure old fashioned play and fresh air is a big part of the day. Kids are being overwhelmed with flashing screens and become bored in real life as it feels so slow after the fast paced tech world. It is very unhealthy (not to mention the horrible images they will find if the screens are not properly guarded). My heart just aches for the children that live in the artificial world of video games and anime. I dread the future reprecussions (mental well being) of this generation raised on screens. I feel strongly about this and could just type and type on the subject but I do agree they need to learn technology and how to master it (instead of it mastering you). But always in small doses in the growing up years... we are robbing children of true childhoods when we use the screens as a babysitter, teacher and entertainer. With love, JES 🙏 😞

  3. That is so very true! Yes, some screen time is ok although it shouldn't be a focus of every day. Children need to know what is out there in the "real world", the tangible world. I have taught all my children to type so they can use computers when needed...but it's just another skill of many we need to teach. I love being outside with my kids and doing creative projects with them. Even with my children getting a bit older providing them the opportunities and supplies to do things at times makes all the difference. The other day my son pulled out a Chinese checkers game that we had been given...not played yet and opened it up. He said now is time to learn something new. It's been great and includes anyone in my family.

  4. I find this to be excellent!

    Thank you, Jes!


  5. This is wonderful advice, Love Lily


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