Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Year of Themed Gift Basket Ideas ~ Gifts for All Seasons April May June October November December

comprised of:

lemon extract

lemon marmalade

lemon body scrub

lemon infused cleaning products


~ red inspired raggedy ann and andy set ~

comprised of:



~ Peter Rabbit Collection ~


~ Laundry Basket Collection ~


~ Roses ~

Roses bookmarks

rose bath salts

rose bath powders

comprised of:

lavender lotion bars

lavender bath salts

lavender infused medicinal oil

lavender potted plant {made from existing plant}

{no-sew} lavender drawer sachets

lavender  infused cleaning products


~ Autumn Hostess Gift Collection ~

~ Apples ~ 


~ warm and cozy mulling spice collection ~

comprised of:

mulling spice room spray

mulling spices and/or simmering potpourri

mulling spice body scrub


~ orange inspired gift basket ~ 

comprised of:

honeybee balm, honeys, etc. basket

tea basket

baby gift basket

baby product basket

jan ~ lemon gift basket

feb ~ raggedy ann

march ~ gardening with peter rabbit

april ~ laundry basket collection

may ~ roses

june ~ twiggy winkle

july ~ lavender


september ~ medicine making collection

october ~ autumn inspired collection harvest (pumpkins, cornbread)

november  ` mulling spice collection

december ` oranges

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