Friday, May 3, 2013

Queen of Her Own Quiet Home…

“Hail, woman! Hail, thou faithful wife and mother,
The latest, choicest part of heaven’s great plan.

None fills thy peerless place at home, no other
Helpmeet is found for laboring, suffering man.

Hail, thou home circle, where, at day’s decline,
Her moulding power, her radiant virtues shine!

Not in the church to rule or teach, her place;
Not in the mart of trade, or senate halls;
Not the wild, festive scene is hers to grace;
Not Fashion’s altar her its victim calls;
Not here her field of triumph; but alone...

She moves, the queen of her own quiet home.”

Poem by Rev. Mark Trafton (1810 - 1901)

Paintings by George Goodwin Kilburne (1839 - 1924)


  1. Beautiful! Lots of wisdom in those words...


  2. Such beautiful words filled with wisdom. Your post was a delight to read and the pictures were lovely :)

    Hugs to you!

  3. Beautiful! I love all of the painting you used.

    Amy Jo


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