Friday, September 28, 2012

Miller Family Series Books ~ Character Building Basics

When we began raising our family, we knew we wanted to surround ourselves with wholesome and pure influences (The world would provide enough wicked stuff and in abundance!). That would mean a discerning eye toward everything we brought into our home, especially in the area of reading materials. The unfortunate part is that many modern "Christian" books present a normal household as one where children are disrespectful, lazy and disinterested. We wanted our child to see that a "normal" home is where God is Supreme, parents love Him, children want to please Him by loving Him, through obeying the parents (Colossians 3:20). Like many of you, we wanted to reach for the stars and introduce a model of high standard for biblical living.

The first (and still one of our favorite) books we embraced was the "Miller Family Series". These easy-to-understand stories feature a down to earth message and will plant pure seeds of Scriptural application into your children. We started reading them aloud with our 4 year old and have purchased every book since. Each chapter covers a verse from the Bible in a very practical, no-nonsense way. Written by an amish/mennonite woman, they are very conservative with the old fashioned values that are hard to find in most modern books.
The Lesson by Jules Trayer

They also offer companion "Activity Workbooks" which further instill the lessons learned:
If you want to start reading some unadulterated, biblical, character building books aloud to your children, then I would highly suggest the "Miller Family Series" as an excellent start. You may also be interested in our favorite Biblically Based Picture Books and our criteria for What to Read/What to Watch.

"...if they (the parents) are wise they will bring into their home as much as possible of pure, elevating, and refining literature. Every beautiful thought that enters a child’s mind adds to the strength and loveliness of the character in after days. The educating influence of the best books and papers is incalculable, and no parent can afford to lose it in the training of his family."

~ J.R. Miller, The Family


  1. HI friend,
    I've never used the Miller series, but have heard so many good things about them.
    And thanks for sharing the JR Miller quote. Love it! :)
    Hope you're having a lovely week-end.

    1. Yes, they are very special to us as they remind us of our family beginnings :)

  2. I love the Miller set, although we don't use them as curriculum, they are great reading books.

    1. We didn't use them as "curriculum" either until our major move. I was swamped and found the workbooks to be a source of delight and education that didn't require much on teacher's end so I utilized them at that point. Hurray for items such as these for those seasons in your life...

  3. We really like the Miller books as well. We are a great fan of all the Rod and Staff stories too.

    1. Yes, we own a ton of their other stories and readers and love the wholesome content :)

  4. We read some of these Millers books. Great memories.

    Still reading through your blog....
    Sunday blessings,


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