Saturday, August 25, 2012

Homestead Happenings ~ Update Two

This marks one and a half years on our little homestead. Here are some of the recent goings-on since the last post as we move towards our goal… 
  • Installed solar water heater to heat kitchen, wash room and bathroom.
  • Installed second rain water collection tank with run off from barn. This water will be used for our garden and livestock. 
  • Gardened year round as we only get frost in the winter. Our grocery bill savings was awesome and we ate what was in season except for the goodies that were canned, frozen or dried in other seasons.

  • New male goat as our "Beauty" gave birth to her first son, "Franky".

  • New male lamb as our "Snowflake" gave birth to "Sparky" who will be our new ram. We had taken the mother to the neighbors to diversify the bloodline so he will be a keeper. This picture was taken towards the end of the day, my favorite time on the farm!

  • We butchered our last batch of meat chickens and have begun raising another group. 
  • We also planted many fruit trees but the ants and goats had other ideas for them… Two are still surviving, a lemon and orange tree.

What have you been up to on your little piece of earth?

"And the land shall yield her fruit,
and ye shall eat your fill,
and dwell therein in safety."
~ Leviticus 25:19

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