Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nature Study Journal Pages

If you read my earlier post about Nature Study then I thought you might appreciate to see what some of our nature journal pages look like. Maybe they will bring some inspiration for you to start one as a family! 

This is what our page looked like after we read a segment on beautiful, 
butterflies from a science chapter book...

This is what a journal page looked like after reading about the amazing ants…

And this is the regal, robin's page...

And lastly, here is a sample of the "common house fly"….

Sometimes, seeing is encouraging. I hope that these pages can give you an idea of what fun keeping a nature journal can be… An educational keepsake at it's best! Visit this post for more ideas.


  1. Hello Jes,
    I have made a link to this blog because you inspired me to start a nature notebook. I hope to do this later with my children too. Thanks for the inspiration,

    1. Oh that makes my day! Thank you for sharing that!!!


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