Monday, October 14, 2013

Herbal Link-Up for Food Preservation & Prepare Your Own Pantry


Welcome to the second of four link up's in our "Reinventing the Herbal" series! Last week we had 73 informative entries regarding bath/body care and the medicine cabinet. I encourage you to peruse these when you have a moment and add your favorites to your herbal. Thank you to all the like-minded ladies who helped to make this happen!

Here is what we are interested in this week:

Recipes for Food Preservation and Preparing Your Own Pantry     


This would include instructions (and recipes) on how to can, dry, store, ferment and freeze foods. This would also call for recipes on making your own pantry items such as seasoning mixes, dried dressing mixes, condiments, baking mixes, baking extracts, etc… Pantry inspiration would also be welcome! Anything pertaining to the subjects of the week! Feel free to link up all your past posts pertaining to the chosen topic :) Visit here for our herbal link up schedule.

"The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge,
And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."
~ Proverbs 18:15

For the sake of our goal, please link up appropriate recipes for each week and leave out any giveaways, advertisements, etc. Thank you for understanding! I can't wait to see what you all have to share! 

Would you like to join in? Link up your recipes below!

Please grab the button below (html code is in box below it) and share on your blog post so others can come and join in the link up as well!

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  1. Sorry, I linked up to the wrong post... I meant to go to the medicine cabinet post. I will repost there. If you want to take mine down on the food preservation post please do. Thank you for hosting! My posts were on making tinctures.

    1. No problem, Elle, I took care of it :) Thank you for joining us! I look forward to reading your entries!

  2. Love this! Thanks for reminding me. My husband was off work yesterday for Columbus day and that has completely thrown off my schedule. ;)

  3. Are you offering ink reimbursement?! Another awesome week of links! Loving this.

    I do not have a blog, but my 2 cents this week is, get yourself a food strainer. I personally own a Roma. It is a lot of little parts, pieces and a pain to wash, but for all of that, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I, also, own all of the additional strainers. Love the berry one. We don't like the seeds in our raspberry jelly. Our raspberries are wild native ones, so they have LOTS of seeds. I am also in love with the salsa one! Okay, I am in love with the entire thing! I have 4 bushels of apples to work through today, some for sauce, some for pie filling. The sauce will go quickly because I do not peel my apples, thank you Roma! The pie filling will go much slower. Anyway, I love my strainer! I do believe there are other brands available, but I am not sure what they are.
    P.S. The cost (approx. $80ish 6 or 7 years ago) of the strainer and the additional screens paid for itself in one harvesting season.

    1. Thank you for adding some tips! I am really pondering something like that for our grapes. They are seeded… Would this type of strainer do the trick? We also have just planted some raspberries so that would come in handy for those too… How does the strainer help you to avoid peeling your apples for sauce? I have never seen one in action…

    2. This strainer will work for grapes and berries. For grapes you use a shorter spiral to deal with the seeds. For raspberries, there is a different screen. When making applesauce I just core and slice my apples with the little gadget (not sure what it is called!) and then cook them down a little. As they go through the strainer, the peels get sent out the discard end. This is also how I do my tomatoes. It seeds and skins them. To make spaghetti/marinara sauce, I cook my tomatoes, celery, garlic, and spices all together then run them through. When I am feeling "lazy," I just send tomatoes through the strainer and freeze the pulp and juice! The only problem that I have ever had, is sometimes I send the tomatoes and berries through several times to get all of the pulp and juice out. If you get the extra set of screens and spirals, there is a screen for pumpkin puree. My poor strainer doesn't get a break from early June until October. I will end here, but I love this contraption so much, I could go on and on!

      Rebecca Ayers

    3. Thanks for your ideas! I will definitely add this to my "wish list"!


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