Monday, March 14, 2016

The Art of Home-Making Mondays ~ Please Join Us ~ Link Up #96

"Essential advice for the gardener:
grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful,
squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor,
and always make thyme for loved ones."
~Author Unknown
There are so many wonderful features in the making of a home. This is a place where I would love for you to share your love for anything home-related. Homemakinghomeschooling and homesteading are all a part of the lovely art of home-making!

~~Please link up posts in the spirit of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 (such as recipes, godly encouragement, DIY's, frugal living, child-raising, medicine making, preparedness, gardening, home decoration, school lessons, sewing, crafts, etc).~~ You are welcome to share as many posts as you like!

* Please visit and leave some comment love
for a few of our features from last week's link up: *

1. Lavender Diaper Cream by The Pistachio Project ~ Ladies, this all natural recipe will take a minute to make (less time than a trip to the store!). The less toxic stuff we use on our children, the better (as there are many areas we can't control, let's take charge of what we can).

2. When You're Stuck in a Homemaking Rut by The Life of This Mother ~ Sarah shares some excellent and practical advice to keep the household running when you feel like you are out of gas!

3. 13 Easy Vegetables to Direct Sow by Grow a Good Life ~ If you feel like you don't have the time to plant this year, I encourage you to take a look at this list! Who doesn't have 5 minutes to lay some seeds directly into the ground! What a blessing those fresh vegetables will be to the budget and dinner table! 

4. 11 Awesome Homeschool Sites That Are Free by Embark on the Journey ~ Methinks the title says it all fellow homeschooling ladies :)

5. The Vicki Challenge ~ Making Do by The Bluebirds are Nesting ~ I never tire of "make do" advice!  Vicky and Annabel share some excellent tips to live practically but still very prettily! Thank you ladies :)

In other news, I have been working on making the switch for this blog's printables to Google Docs since so many had troubles with the last program. Our latest addition are our vintage style printable labels for our homemade fabric softener recipe. Happy homemaking ladies!

We are also currently running a special HERBAL LINK UP featuring ROSE HIPS. If you have any posts relating to ROSE HIPS, please share with us (as link up ends March 31, 2016)! If you would like to find out wonderful ways to use ROSE HIPS, I also encourage you to visit this post for some herbal inspiration! So far we have women sharing information on how to forage for rose hips, what they are good for, how to make syrups, bath time tea blends, herbal tea blends and even how to use them in seasonal home decor!

On to this week! For the sake of our readers, please link up appropriate and wholesome home-related articles and leave out any giveaways, advertisements, etc. Thank you for understanding! I can't wait to see what you all have to share! 

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  1. Thank you for the feature, JES! Always a privilege x

  2. Dear lovely Jes, thankyou for hosting us as always. Beautiful features. Annabel at The Bluebirds are Nesting has a special way with everything, doesn't she. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. One post about good sentiments and History and one about a little piece of my rose garden, are my way to thank you for everything, expecially for hosting me also today and for wishing you a most beautiful new week ever !
    Sending love to you, dearest, wonderful, JES
    with boundless gratitude

  4. What a lovely quote for the beginning of gardening season! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    Thank you for hosting!

  5. Bonjour JES, Thanks for another great party. Love all kind of lavender project! Today I am sharing homemade pink pretties. Hugs. Monika

  6. Thank you for featuring Grow a Good Life this week!

  7. I'm new to the site JES, but I know that I'll be back. Thank you so much for sharing ...

  8. Thanks for hosting the fun party Jes and enjoy your week.

  9. Thanks for the party!


  10. Thanks for hosting, Jes! Have a lovely week! Hugs, Poppy

  11. Good morning dear JES...thank you for this lovely opportunity to join other ladies with out blogs...Hugs to you from Shirley

  12. Oh I do so love the quote you shared today, it is just wonderful! I need to make a sign out of it and hang it in my garden, that would be lovely :) Always enjoy my visits here, and hoping you are having a wonderful Monday!

  13. Good evening Jes! Thank you for hosting another great party!

  14. Thank you so much for featuring my lavender diaper cream!

  15. Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  16. Thank you for a wonderful and refreshing party, my friend. Have a blessed week!

  17. Thank you Jes for hosting and also featuring Bluebirds. Vicky is a huge help to me especially on all things saving money and pantries. Thanks so much! Love


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