Saturday, June 4, 2011

Traffic in the Country!

When we moved to the country I was expecting to get away from traffic…

Day one at our new farm:  I lay sleepily in my bed when I hear an "unusual" sound... which it was...  my being from the city and all. Walking out on my front porch (where the picture below was taken from) and looking at the road (yes, that dirt clay you see is a country road over here and considered a decent one), I see these creatures roaming around as if they are making their regular commute to work.  No ropes around their necks, no human to oversee their whereabouts, no microchip to secure their location.

Welcome to the country life... a place where the animals roam freely on the "road" during the day to forage for food.  This I have since learned is normal in these parts...  It took me a while to comprehend that these animals were safe...  You will also find sheep and horses doing their own "grocery shopping" as well.

What kind of pedestrians do you have?  Do they loiter or are they always on the "moo-ve"?

1 comment:

  1. The best kind of traffic, I would trade what I have to hear for the dirt road..:)


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